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  1. Hi All, I've just submitted my claim on the Moneyclaim website! Woohoo! Just a bit confused about 2 things: - the text I've used says I will be sending another copy of the list of charges? Do I just post these off? Have I missed a letter that I send to inform Halifax of the court claim maybe? - Or do I have to print the County Court Claim Form and post it to Halifax? With a copy of the schedule of charges? Or do Moneyclaim do this? If they do, they dont have a schedule of charges. Does anyone have any experience of this that can help me? Help!!! Many many thanks in advance! Lee
  2. Thanks bluecloud. Got a letter over the weekend dated prior to my LBA, offering me the sum of £224 in full and final settlement, as a gesture of goodwill. Thats not too bad considering all it took was checking my statements and sending one letter! However I'll still be rejecting it and going for the full £582...........................
  3. Hi all, thanks again for all the great posts. Great to know how everything can be expected to go. Sent my LBA off today. One question though..... I'm assuming i'm giving them 14 days to pay in full from today? i.e. 22nd November? It's not 14 working days by any chance is it?!! Cheers and good luck (to me and everyone else!). Lee
  4. yeah congratulations!!!! Nice one! I'm just about to send my LBA to Halifax so it's great to know you'va had some recent success and how your journey went! Cheers! Lee
  5. UPDATE: Recieved a letter from Halifax dated 18th October, apologising that I'm unhappy with the charges and saying that I've been passed on to Customer Relations who will deal with my concerns as quickly as possible. I've done nothing with this so far. May telephone (number given is 08457 25 35 19) before Thursday when their deadline is up. On the otherhand I may not and just go straight to issuing the notice before proceedings.............
  6. Hi All, As like others, I've been reading this site for a while along with the famous MSE! Decided to claim my charges back quite a while ago but have kind of got way layed!! Anyhow, I'm here now and ready for action! The reason for deciding to claim them back was after quite a debate! Once upon a time they paid a DD for me when I didnt have enough money in my account, sending me something like £41 over my O/D limit. Needless to say they charged me £28 for paying a DD with not enough funds, and £30 for going over my O/D limit. I rang them up with the argument that I'd have preferred them to just reject the DD, which would cost me £35 in charges, rather than pay it and incur £58 in charges. I asked for an explanation as to who makes the decision to pay a DD or not and was told 'its the system!'. (Computer says No!!!). They couldnt give me an explanation as to what parameters the system works to, so in the end they refunded me £30. It was so frustrating that there was no answer to a logical straightforward question. Surely its not random? Or surely they dont chose the outcome that leads to the most charges?!!!!?!!?!! (surely not?!!!) The chap I spoke to was actually really sympathetic, and was equally confused as to what the decision making process was. But could only offer apologies and say better luck next time! Anyway, this happened once again so I rang up with the same reasoning, and the woman I was speaking with this time just got really really funny with me, started bleating on about my responsibilities with my account, and never once tried to answer my question. In the end she told me to write a letter and then hung up! This meant WAR!!! So there you go, thats my story. I went on and sent my request for statements on 27th July and had to chase it up by phone a couple of times I think. I sent them the cheque for £10 but they didnt even cash it. The chap I spoke to on the phone when I was chasing said that he'd arrange to send them out and wouldnt charge me. He did warn me that they may still also action my letter/cash my cheque so I could end up with 2 lots of statements! Got my statements (1 set only) through a couple of weeks later but cant remember exactly when unfortunately. My charges since November 2002 comes to a grand total of £582.00. Not too shoddy but I was actually hoping for more! So now my Preliminary Approach Letter is going in the post today and I'll be counting down the 14 days for a reply............ Thanks to everyone for their help and supporting words on this site. It's very reassuring to know how everyone else gets on, the pros and cons, and pitfalls along the way. Wish me luck and i'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed. Lee
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