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  1. Thanks for your help one and all, I've taken on board all of the things you have said and as a result I intend to send off the relevant bits and pieces today! I will be sending them in seperate recorded letters so I can trace each bit individually (S.A.R to original Creditor and Telephone Harrassment Letter to Lowell). Should I be sending a C.C.A to Lowell yet or should I wait for a response from MBNA re S.A.R?? I will of course be letting you know exactly what I get in response...it'll be interesting to see if anything has changed lately or whether it'll just be the bog standard replies many have received. Interesting V that you've experienced the same thing as me, I'm actually quite looking forward to receiving a statement of account because I know for a fact that my default date is way out! I'm talking at least 18 months to 2 years! I wonder if they'll actually provide something! OK...I'm gonna get on a do this thing now...I'll be keeping you posted! Thanks again, P.
  2. Hi All, Being new to this forum (what a fantastic place!) I started a thread on the main page so it's not surprising that I received no replies (notwithstanding the help I received from recently from maggieboo et al on her own thread! Thanks again.). Now, having found what appears to be the right place, here we go again. I have recently joined, what seems to be the legions of people experiencing the displeasure of having to cross swords with Lowell Financial. I received the initial ''We have bought your debt from 1st Credit (from whom I had no contact incidentally) and now you owe us £xxxx ounds...pay up'' or words to that effect. If need be, I'll post copies but I'm sure you've all been privvy to a copy of their standard first draft letter. I have also just received the infamous post card implying a personal visit had been missed (b*******). I haven't spoken to them and have no intention of doing so and plan to hit them with a CCA request shortly. See...I've been reading and already feel much better about things! I do want to address another point however. The original alledged debt came about as a result of a bitter divorce. There was a CC joint account which we could not agree upon (among other things of course) and during all the upheaveal it seemed to lose its status as a priority especially when everything else was sold including the house. We went our seperate ways in 1999. Since then, some payments may have been made (of this I really can't be sure) but seeing as I have been living abroad since then (1999) and have had no contact from anyone up until now I would really like to know how to approach things. The worst part is that there has been a default put onto my credit rating saying that I defaulted in 2003? I'd been abroad for getting on for 4 years by then? I have many questions that I need help with, I guess my the first few questions being: 1) How can I find out when the last payment was made without aknowledging this alledged debt? 2)Does a CCA request constitute acknowledgement in any way? 3) Has anyone else experienced this, what seems to me to be a massaging of dates? I guess that will be enough to get me started but of course any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Incidentally, they have called my mothers house a few times which is making her worry (that's the last address they have for me...they don't actually know where I live) so I'd also like to address that concern if possible. Thank you all in advance for any time you give up to help me, it will be genuinely appreicated and believe me, once I get my teeth into this, I will pay it back. Regards all, P.
  3. Thanks guys and sorry for intruding, I did intend to start my own thread but it seemed to me that your situation was so close to mine that you would know what I need do straight away and I wasn't sure if I could justify my own thread when all the facts were here!? I will start my own thread shortly. Thanks once again for the advice. P.
  4. Hi Maggieboo and all reading this, I'm new here but have been reading this thread (and some others) however as I have just become the lucky recipient of a letter and several phone calls (none of which have managed to reach me) I'm about to start this whole process up for myself. Nice! Would you just bullet point a summary for me so I know exactly where to start, I'd really appreciate the help because I'm a bit confused with so many people being at different stages and I don't want to jump into it at the wrong place and screw it all up. Incidentally my alledged debt goes back more than six years but Lowells having just bought the debt have have applied a default against me which shows a default date of July 2003??? I don't get it. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  5. Firstly, Hi everyone. This is my first post so please forgive any deviations from protocol. I have been reading from this site for several days now trying to establish my best course of action. I have read lots of other threads and with all the conflicting messages I've found that I'm now more confused than ever. As a result I've decided to tackle my own problem specifically in the hope that I can get the advice I need. I have recently received some correspondance from Lowell Financial in relation to a CC debt. This CC was on a joint account and to cut a long story short, following a rather accrimoniuos divorce things were left hanging. (There was some debate as to who owed what). Anyway, this all happened back in 1999. I can't be sure when the last contact was made with the CC company but I have never personally acknowledged this debt as I have been living abroad since the end of 1999. From memory there may have been some contact in 2000 but that's it. What puzzles me is that Lowell have applied a default to my credit rating which shows a default date of 2003? I was under the impression that I was comfortably outside of the 6 year period of statute and having heard nothing for at least this amount of time (and nothing from my ex either) I'm beginning to think that something isn't quite as it should be! Firstly, I would love to hear from anyone who has any examples of Lowell deliberately falsifying records! In addition it would be usefull to know what I should do in tackling these people head on. Thanks in advance for your assistance. p. Mod note: one word removed from post for potential libel reasons
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