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  1. Thank God found this place, I was a student at the time when Barclays policy semeed to be to give more and more overdraught. I ended up £3000 and not ina position to pay it back. Eventually this got passed to RMA, who after a barrage of calls finally agreed to a £60 a month payment made to them on behalf of a family member....eventually they called a few months later and asked for an increase in payment. Which went up to £90 a month from same family member. Obviously there is a default by my name now, however when i checked it was in RED which states a non-compliance. But i have been paying RMA. The debt is down to £2000 now... The last two months i was not able to make a payment... I recieved no letter or calls... hoping to raise the funds I tried contacting them today. They said the debt had been sent to their solicitors and refused to discuss any arrangement except for settling the debt. 1) If i have been paying RMA on a regular basis for over a year why is the default RED and not WHITE which shows some form of arrangmenet has been made? 2) Can they refuse an arrangment and take me to court for full amount plus legal fees? 3) After calling them back they said they would settle for 3 equal payments to clear the debt, which is still out of my league. I need my default to show my compliance as I now need a bank account and cannot open one while the default is red. Please any advice on what i should do and how i should deal with the situation? Thank you kindly ManaP0r
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