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  1. the last payment was 23/07/07, so does that mean this year?
  2. thanks, should i send it to marlin or mortimer clarke, they both seem to have the same address?
  3. i thought i'd waste a a bit more time so i sent another copy of the account in dispute letter which they again seem to have ignored. i have now received a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors:- are you aware of the serious consequences of a court judgment being made against you? we are solicitors instructed by marlin capitol europe, it is important you call us to discuss ypur above outstanding debt, as the matter has now reached a critical stage. Court proceedings could be brought against you. You have failed to agree a reasonable payment arrangement in relation to your debt & therefore our client has asked us to issue court proceedings against you. This means that we will be asking the court to make a judgment against you. You would be able to submit a defence to any claim made, or ask the court to allow you to pay the debt by instalments over a period of time.... A county court judgment has serious consequences. You should consider these consequences carefully... It then lists consequences such as the debt increasing, finding it difficult to get credit (lol), enforcement action... if we obtain a court judgment and you fail to make a payment we may apply for a charging order against your property or a warrant of execution or an attachment of earnings order etc etc what should i do now, it sounds really scary.
  4. the last payment was 23/7/2007 so the six years is almost up, i didn't want to send another cca incase they try & call the £1 a payment against the account.
  5. i have suddenly started receiving letters from marlin financial services saying that the account has been passed to them. i sent them a copy of the account in dispute letter, which they promptly ignored, so i sent again via recorded delivery. they have now sent another letter saying that as have been unable to agree a reasonable payment plan my account will now be passed to the solicitors mortimer clarke. to review my file & determine whether they should commence legal action against me. Should i just send them another account in dispute letter?
  6. thanks for that,is it worth sending them a copy of the 'passing on the account whilst in dispute' too?
  7. i had heard nothing until february this this when i received a letter from cap 1 to say they had sold my account to arrow global ltd. i also received a notice of assignment letter from arrow global. i know i should have sent them the account in dispute letter but i thought i'd wait until they contacted me again, however i've now received this letter from their lawyers i'm really panicing now, what should i do? i don't want to end up in court, should i send them both a copy of the account in dispute letter? any advice greatly appreciated.
  8. smiffy66


    any ideas what they will do next? i'm really worried they'll take me to court. i could offer to make minimum payments again, but when i did that before they passed the debt to the debt collectors.
  9. we tried to use my wife's name as she only has a few missed payments. i have defaults against my name. does that count towards her bad score?
  10. we have a credit score of 569 which looks to be a bad score, will we be able to get a loas for a car or will we get rejected?
  11. smiffy66


    have adapted sfd's letter as best i could and have received this response any ideas what i should do now please?
  12. basically it denies that either barclays or alliance one have received a cca request, which is funny as when moorcroft passed it back to barclays they refunded the £1. it says they "will obtain a copy from barclays within 12 days, however in the event that this seems unlikely, we will write to you again." and after 2 or 3 unaswered phone calls a day they have... any ideas how i should reply?
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