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  1. Hi I am making a cliam on behalf of my partner and am at the point were I am about to make a cliam online. We have received a letter from lloyds saying that all cases have been suspended until after the case with the OFT has finished and its is pointless proceeding with the cliam through the court until this case has finished. Is this correct or should I still proceed with making a claim through the courts or am I wasting my time until the case with OFT is finished.
  2. When I got in from work last night there was a letter from the solicitors offering full settlement. I need to sign and return a form they sent. I also called them to say I would be accepting there full settlement offer and they told me it will take two to three weeks for the money to be in my account. Is this acceptable.
  3. I have contacted the solicitors and they say the part were I need to contact the bank is put on the letter by the request of the bank. They also no settlement will be offered. Starting to worry abit now:(
  4. Today I have received a letter from the banks solicitors Sechiari, Clark and Mitchell. It says they will be defending there case on the following grounds. 1. The fees I seek are properly incorporated into my contact with the bank. 2. By making payments from an account which has insufficent funds I must pay the necessary charges. At the bottom of the letter it reads Looking ahead, a situation which gives rise to a dispute is not on the bank wishes to continue. in view of this they request I contact them within 14 days. Has anyone had a similar letter to this and should I con
  5. By up to date I mean the amount I am cliaming plus the interest as of to day
  6. I have been monitoring this site for a couple of weeks and must say the advice which is available is second to none. I am now at the stage were I need some help with my claim. I have just had my claim transfered to Darlington county court. I have received a letter from the court requesting I file and serve a written breakdown of sums cliamed by the 26 of july. Do I just send my spreadsheet with the dates and amounts on and is there a letter I should send to go with this letter. If so should I send an updated list of charges or the first one and should I send the same letter and list to Lloyd
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