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  1. Thanks. When I pressed the link from Sea Side Lady it says I am not authorised to view that page. ???????
  2. Hi BOS came up with a new tactic today and I felt way out of my depth. I called yesterday to ask if I can negotiate further and it was written on my notes that I was rejecting the offer which I wasnt. They called me this morning and I told them this was the case. I have however accepted the offer and was told this morning that it was all ok. They then called to say I declined the offer yesterday and this morning (which I didnt ) and they will be removing the money from my acc and everything gets frozen till after the HIgh Court case which starts today. I then called back and asked for the
  3. Hi All Am on holiday in Scotland so been off for awhile. Had half my claim amount go into my acc last night and as soon as I can get to a phone will be calling BOS to reject and try negotiate a higher settlement. At the moment am in a remote area of Scotland and not being at home cannot see if there is a letter waiting in my mail. Will keep you posted as to what happens as soon as I can get access to another computer. Guess I can call myself a winner!!!!!!!! Donation will be coming........
  4. I am still also waiting and getting a bit impatient with them - may do another follow up call mid week.
  5. Will keep you posted as to how things progress
  6. I am at about the same stage as you in my claim. Sent letter asking for my charges back on the 28th May, got normal reject letter on the 9th June. I then sent off my LBA on the 12th June giving 14 days. Once the 14 days had expired I called them and was told I could go on and proceed court proceedings if I wanted to. They too said That the 40 days is taken from the date they receive the first letter. On second phonecall nice lady said my claim had been escalated and I should be a little patient as there was a huge backlog. She said a senior review manager would be likely to call me to negotiat
  7. Just an update - phoned the review team phone number and told that claims are being dealt with in order of date received and that mine is in the appropriate qeue. The nice lady reiterated that they will write and a negotiation offer will be made. She said that there is a huge backlog of claims and this is why it takes so long. :|
  8. Congratulations......... Did they pay out full amount claimed or a partial goodwill amount. ;)
  9. What do I say if they ask where I got the phone number from ??
  10. Thanks Dusary - will defs be doing some phoning this afternoon. :D
  11. I cant get it - what does it mean. Sorry, a little slow in the brain:confused:
  12. Thanks - will carry on ahead and stick to my timescale.
  13. Not yet Tilly - am contemplating doing it this afternoon. Would have already but my phone call to BOS caused a slight stutter.:o
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