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  1. Thanks for that. I'm now even more determined to get the money back. I knew there was a step by step guide but couldn't find it- useless me. Thanks again. I'll post again when I get some more info. Jo
  2. Hi everyone, I'm claiming my boyfriend's bank charges with Abbey back from the last 6 years. It totals about £1500 I think- can't remember the exact amount. A week later he receives £35 refund into his account and a letter saying that the charges are correct. (Obiviously they're correct to Abbey but I'm disputing they are un-lawful). The letter also said they will keep his file open for 8 weeks should he want to investigate further. After calming down a bit now I want to know what to do next? I presume I write another letter but is there a template to follow so I don't put to many personal opinions in there if you know what I mean? It's a business account just because he is self-employed. Thanks for your help Dizzy
  3. Hi ya everyone, My friend has passed me your website so I can claim my partner's awful bank charges back from Abbey. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself really. Any advice? I've printed off some info and will be following the guidelines. Thanks for your help Dizzy x
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