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  1. What Next? Confused And Worried
  2. hello, i have read a lot of threads and understood most. I get a bit confused when initials are used instead of some words, eg ****. I have just received a letter transfering my case to the local court. it tells me i don't need a allocation questionnare whatever one of those is. My main problem is i have moved to spain so have to wait for my friend to scan and email my letters from my old address. How will this affect my claim, if at all? I have gone into a panicked and numb mode!!
  3. just read this thread, it's similar to mine. I tried to claim online but lloyds have said they are going to defend it in court. I don't fancy having to go to court though. Has anyone had to go that far?
  4. Hello, I have just joined the action group as my bank has put a defence in for my bank charges claim and I am a little nervous about proceeding:confused:
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