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  1. hi all, in answer to the points above , the contract was drawn up by the previous owner and the first payment taken out of the business was £300,000. the scond payment which should have been paid on the 2nd august 2011 was for £140,000. the payments were made on the understanding that shares would be transferred as money was paid out. the crafty solicitor in fact made the shares go from the owner to the ltd co and none to my son. i have had the contract checked by a solicitor and due to the clauses inserted into the contract my son had basically nothing -just worked his socks off 6 days a week - 14 hour days to promote it and for nothing. the previous owners solicitor also arranged this meeting - according to the phone call and email- to discuss a deal with the previous owner, the solicitor also admitted to my son he got him to the meeting under false pretences. the solicitor never once advised my son to have legal representation at any point and assured him that it was a honest and genuine arrangement with him having most of the control - when in fact there was none at all.
  2. Hi, this is a complicated scenario but here goes: my son was employed by this company for 2 years and after the first year a deal was struck by the owner and my son to purchase the small company. this was on a 5 year agreement and each year as the payments were made shares would be transferred to my son . the first payment was made on the day the contract was signed and my son the became the owner with duties to run the business as per agreement and in the best interests of the company. he was also employed and on a salary and he was the only director. when he signed the contract he took it on trust as the owner was a jehovas witness and they dont lie and are trustworthy. i started work there in june 2010 on a casual /ad hoc basis as i also run my own business which the owner was fully aware. when the second payment was due to be made some problems arose- the previous owner had still control of the bank account and wouldnt pay suppliers on time and we lost quite a few of our credit facilities. due to the ridiculous ways, i had the contract checked and the previous owner could take control at any time because of the clauses in the contract, and the amount of money he was to recieve wasnt as he had thought. he arranged a meeting on thursday morning at 11.am to make a deal is what their solicitor had stated, by email to my son,who duly went to the meeting to find the other shareholders there and he was informed that due to gross misconduct the had retaken control of the company and he was dismissed. i was dismissed at the same time and asked to leave- i was the company secretary. his employees on his instructions had gone through our personal bags and and equipment and photograhed bank statements and other documents and tried to accuse us of stealing from his company. i need to now find out if this is illegal in any way and my son needs to file for unfair dismissal and is there ant time limits
  3. hi back on the system after a few years and need some help. me and my partner hold a power of attorney for a friend in trouble in France and while dealing with his hsbc gold card we have run into some trouble. the whole story is as follows: he had approx £3000 on his gold card in april 2010 and under the power of attorney we tried to use the money in his account to settle. HSBC informed us they would need to see the power of attorney and we would have to go into the bank which we did and they logged the information on the accounts. using his own money i wrote to the hsbc with details to settle his personal loan , settle his bank account to zero but keep it open and settle the gold card and close it. after a phone call from HSBC to ourselves they suggested that it wouldnt be nescessary to close the account but leave it open with no balance for when he arrived back in the uk. we agreed with this and thought it was a good idea, and then our troubles began. there were some 3rd party payments that go out monthly which they carried on paying without our knowledge and when we tried to get the information they refused to talk talk to us and refused to acknowledge any power of attorney existed. they have paid out numerous payments and added lots of charges and now the balance has reached approx £500. which my partner paid £100 off to prevent the hassle with phone calls and written demands which have been very stressfull to her. they have even called her place of work and her mobile and home at least 10 times a day , which has left her in a terrible state - i came home2 weeks ago to find her crying on the sofa after yet another call I have sent a demand to hsbc detailing the facts demanding repayments and compensation under the Harrsament Act . can anyone give any advice to my next step to close this and reclaim the money and costs. thanks for any help
  4. hi hope somebody can help on this issue: my son has been told he must repay fees for exams taken while in employment with his former employer even though these exams were beneficial and a requirement of training on the job i have asked for a copy of his contract of employment , which would have been signed by my son but the employer has refused to issue this. i did a data protection request and was sent a copy of the employee handbook which my son had signed . he has know had court papers issued against him for £350.00 plus interest etc and i was wondering does anybody have any ideas that can help
  5. hi back with the mortgage charges, now after many letters they will not refund the charges as they are applied within the terms and conditions. i have had a copy of the deed of assigment and i did not sign it, they say the mortgage agreement gives them the right to cash in the endowment when it falls into arrears. any ideas would help on my long battle. thanks.
  6. hi martin3030 have considered the points you have raised , i had an agreement form sent by email for me to sign and send it back by fax, it was done in a hurry as i was going away for holiday and the court hearing fee was due to be paid. thats most probably the reason then. i havnt any other papers from them as yet or from the courts. let you know when i hear any more.
  7. hi martin , having read through the order from the court the judge had ordered citi to produce the credit finance agreement, "the original" 14 days before the hearing. i havnt had that before.
  8. !!!won !!! egg have paid me the final payments to complete the total and just waiting the cheque. have signed the agreement . now to the cancellation fight. :)
  9. hi to everyone , have won my case against citi . PPI !!! WON !!! had constant communication with citi and they agreed to repay in full all the ppi plus interest at the CI rate, plus all charges as long as i sign the new TOMLIN ORDER. recieved the payment and have banked the cheque. another victory agaisnt CITI
  10. cap 1 have settled again before court deadline and this was a dead account that was closed in 2003. so ive won again against them??? :D now for the ppi.
  11. yours is as always great advice brw, having beaten them twice i would never contact them, only in writing. oggy
  12. an update to my long battle with egg for ppi. again requested refund on the grounds that there is no agreement for ppi on the cca and after all the requested docs there is still no evidence i has applied for it. after a very long wait i issued court proceedings and then a reply from egg. they are going to refund my ppi and had done so straight away without any agreement with me. the court proceedings are under way. they have now put it to their solicitors and guess what , i have just noticed that the deadline for a response passed 3 days ago.??
  13. hi roors you need to start your own thread if you havnt already and then we can follow it easier. that is a problem that if your disputing the debt then perhaps you cant claim back the ppi. on the other hand they should not have charged you in the first place if you didnt apply for it. i did dispute my ac and still claimed back my charges and ppi. i put on hold the cca dispute until the other issues had been sorted. i won both. now i am going to take them to court for the cca. let us know which route you are going to take.
  14. hi getting no info at all from citi so court case is looming.
  15. sawney, how have you got the figures for the amount of ppc. have you done a spreadsheet to calculate the amounts and charge at the ci rate they have charged you. have you sent a data protection request for all your information/documents/ telephone recordings etc.
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