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  1. Photos can be seen here: Flickr: Photos from lhama001 I'll be taking some better photos soon, I just don't have a good camera at the mo.
  2. Martin3030 wrote - A cracking thread..........bet he wishes he hadnt mentioned it now. BTW - I'm a not a he, I'm a "chick"
  3. HAHAHA! Thanks for the welcome and all the punny replies! I swear to gawd that I didn't plant the sticker, and it could not have been stuck into the shell after the egg was broken, as I don't eat jaffa oranges (or cakes for that matter!). I don't plan on a lawsuit, that would be just silly. I wasn't sick, just a bit amused and disgusted. I really would like to know what Tesco Free-range organic chickens are eating.. must be jaffa orange rinds and maybe other garbage! I'll upload my pics onto Flickr and put the link here for you all to see. Thanks Martin3030 - I like the idea of writing a letter to Tesco to see how they can explain it. See what kind of explanation they can cook up, watch them scramble around a bit (eh? eh? ) You look like a fun group - maybe I'll stick(er) around for a while! :grin: Lhama!
  4. Hi Trish76 , sorry to have made you spew your coffee on the keyboard! I've been told that it isn't a jaffa cake sticker, it's a jaffa orange sticker. Makes sense to the size and shape. Doesn't make it any more disgusting tho! I have photos, and if anyone is interested, I'll post the link on Flickr. People here have too many very serious bank issues, and I'm just filling up bandwidth. Sorry for that, but maybe I made some people laugh with this disgusting story. I'd like to know how it got into a Tesco free-range organic egg - are they feeding oranges to chickens? I would think if you held out an orange to a chicken it would tend to ignore the offer. Ground up in feed? How did it get inside the egg? How does a chicken work is the basic question. Oh well, thanks Trish76 and maroondevo52 for responding! Lhama!
  5. hahah! That is a good question! Who actually ate the Jaffa cake sticker? What do kippers eat? Maybe it was plankton that ate some jaffa cakes, and that little sticker worked its way up the food chain to that chicken that laid that egg that I happened to eat. I'm not happy then to have eaten that egg that had a Jaffa cake sticker carried throughout the entire food chain:-o..... uh, yuck. Lhama
  6. Thanks! I don't want help really, I just want to make it known... any advice on how to handle this (or to be told it's really not a big deal!) would be appreciated. I'm not upset, just amused and a bit disgusted. I'd like to know if any organic farming organisations would be interested, and if Tesco is using some farming that isn't so "organic..." AKA - feeding chickens garbage. Chocks will eat anything really. I was at a B&B in the Borders and they were feeding those chickens left-over kippers. The eggs had a very fishy taste! Not very nice really. Lhama
  7. Hello maroondevo52, I can't read the sell by date on the sticker - as it's just a little round sticker that says Jaffa. The egg sell by date was 04 June. I've taken photos, but people may think I've stuck this sticker into the shell. I didn't! Seriously! I'd like to know who may be interested in this... I'd like to visit that free range chicken farm and see what those chocks are exposed to! Lhama
  8. Hello all. I'm new, and need to explore this site. It looked like a good place to start a complaint about a very interesting situation about an egg and Tesco. I had scrambled eggs last week. Broke open an egg, had my breakfast, and then went about crunching up the shells (I use them around the base of my sweet peas for slug protection). While crunching up the eggs, I noticed one of the shells had a sticker for Jaffa cakes on the INSIDE of the shell. Now, I don't eat Jaffa cakes, and this is definitely on the inside of the shell. This was a free-range organic egg. Large. The only explanation I can think of is the free-range chock ate some garbage, and it worked its way through the system and was embedded into the shell on the inside... yuck. Why are free range organic chickens eating garbage? By chance a jaffa cake wrapper drifted into the pen? Maybe... or maybe they have free access to garbage? It's maybe a one-off, but man, disgusting. Where can I post this? I think it's really interesting. Where should I go from here? ..and hello from a newbie! Lhama.
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