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  1. My experience is a combination of BB and Guidot. Depends on what youv'e got. If youre still trading and making money they'll skin you alive unless of course youv'e got anything in writing about the arrangement you made and most importantly you stuck to it and the late payment was a first and preferably with a reason.. If youve got nought then they'll take what you offer as long as it appears to be the best you can do. I was very lucky I phoned and got a Revenue employee with a sense of realism and sorted it then and there. Not much heart in the revenue though,takes a special type of person!
  2. Hi, I'm probably being very dense here but I thought that Nick somethingorother v. Nat West was in the high court and would act as a test test. What happened to that? I've been out of the country for a couple of weeks and didnt realize what had happened until I got a standard letter from lloyds basically saying sucks bo to you you've got to wait. I know I'm cynical but I am doubtful that any amount of pressure we can bring to bear can compare to the pressure the banks are capable of. Democracy becomes a sticky business when money is involved, this could, however, bring something akin to a
  3. Thanks aviator. Is there any info on site of people going that route and is it likely to be successful, I think I was having a negative day yesterday. aonwdo:)
  4. Sent LBA to cap 1 and got a letter back offering same amount again and saying this her final response and telling me to go to the ombudsman. She also says lets not waste the courts time. I have a problem though, I added the 8% in on the scedule I sent. Do you think I'd better accept the offer? Have to admit I didnt think it would be so expensive to go to court! Getting cold feet I guess, have had bad experience as a witness in crown court.
  5. I sent a letter and list of charges to Lloyds TSB and received a reply today. They say that the charges for sending back direct debits are not default charges but service charges and that I didnot break my agreement with them. I cant really send the LBA until middle of August because I'm on holiday from Friday, Will it be ok to leave it until I get back as I wont be here to respond to any post? They also say that the OFT have said that more examination is neede of their ruling in 2006. It really is one of the most supercillious letters I have ever read!!!!!! I*t finishes by saying that I
  6. Well done Friar, Ive had the most stuck up condesending letter from lloyds today which finished with pay up the £10.00 and they have already deducted it frommy account!! You really cheered me up
  7. Looks quite good,but they seem to be trying it on still with the interest,can you take advice on your interest calculation? Really depends on if your happy with the amount (or is that blasphemy) Well done you though after all this is Lloyds we're talking about and more than 6 years.
  8. Good luck Jess68, keep your chin up, you can do it. Reading through your thread, where did you find your statements on the A&L internet site? Im sick of waiting for them to send mine.dont let the b------s get you down!!!!!
  9. Hi, Im approaching the forty days I gave Alliance and Leicester to forward my details. They asked for 10.00 pounds for the info and I sent it but the info has not been forthcoming even though they have cashed the cheque. I take it that they reject the call for them to reduce charges to 12.00 pounds an item as they are still using every opportunity to rack up every penny they can. I was 2.00 short of a direct debit amount and they sent it back charged me 34.00 and then 25.00 for the 1st day overdrawn, it took me more than 2 days to realize this and so they charged me another 25.00. So that
  10. Good luck Quincy, interested to hear the result I have a closed business account that goes back 15 years with Lloyds.lol
  11. CAPITAL ONE OFFER They have offered me the difference between my fees and 12.00, but they say that as I signed an agreement which stated their fees I am bound by them. My arguement to them was that the fees are illegal under common law. This offer was sent as an offer of good will within a week of me asking for the full amount. The form they want me to sign says that my signature is my acceptance of the closure of the complaint. They also say they will pay the money into my account which I thought was actually closed as I remortgaged to get the sweethearts off my back. Should I accept?
  12. Hi there, Im a real computer clutz and dont know what to put where. Just found your sight and managed to register. Am trying to reclaim bank charges from all sorts of people now theres a surprise. Just had a offer from capital one offering me the difference between what they took and 12.oopounds. Any comments please? state of play with the rest is A&L asked for 10.00 I sent it no reply since. Citi cards the same. Lloyds no reply at all, I have asked for the details of my charges and they havent accknowledged the letter. Really need info and support but also help navigating the site.
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