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  1. Hi I gave the reason that I was not made aware of what ppi was and what it covered The accounts are not active I had a loan and credit card - i have only received a reply about the credit card and not the loan so far.
  2. citizenb - thanks for the reply. I have not got a copy of the aggreement. Regards wasp23
  3. Hi All I was wondering if you could help me. I was told to call Halifax to claim being miss sold PPI by a friend who received £3500 by calling Halifax. However I did this and I have received a letter from them stating that they believe I was sold the PPI Insurance fairly as a tick box was ticked on the application form and this must mean the halifax reperesentative explained the situation. I know I have gone about this all wrong , is there a way to salvage this claim? cheers wasp23
  4. Thanks for the replys Sidewinder My contract is not specific to this contract it is a general contract that covers all contracts, i have done mutiple contracts throughout my career with this company its just that ive spent the 6 months on this contract thawill not be renewed.
  5. Hi all I work for company A who are a professional services company . we have been looking after a company B's IT infrastructure, however they have decided that they are moving to another company offshore and no longer require company A's services My employer as now told me I’m going to be made redundant or I may be tuped to this offshore company. As far as I’m concerned I work for company A not B - so this should not affect me. The same thing happened about two months ago to a different department and they were just transferred within the company with no mention of tupe , so surely this is also unfair. My contract is to company A and It was never mentioned once that if I worked on one account I could lose my job. nowhere in the company handbook does it mention this either or was we informed verbally. Please can anyone advise.
  6. Hi All, I have a reply from Lowell In light of the information you have provided we are in the process of investigating the issue with the bank. We will contact you without delay once further information is received. we also advise we have no legal obligation that states we must send this information within a certain time period. Do they have a time period, this just seems like a lame excuse to drag this on, is there any letter I can send to put a stop to this ASAP. thanks in advance.
  7. Is there any template to help me as i'm not very good at writing letters and i dont want to put the wrong information, thanks for all your help.
  8. Hi everyone Please can you help , I sent the statue barred letter to lowell and they have replied saying I made a payment in 2008, now I know this not true as I have never made a single payment since the account defaulted in 2002. The amount they say I paid was over £1000, LOL Please can you advise what the next cause of action by me is now needed. thanks
  9. Hi I had a orange account that was used in 2003, bit it was discconceted after owing £300, I have not paid anything back or used the account since then, I got experian to challenge this and orange have come back and stated the account is still active and for experian to leave on my credit file, this is showing as owing £300 and as satisfied and 0 for each month, so negativity on there, but i want it removing. any ideas Cheers
  10. Please help i'm new to all this and just wondered if my debt should be statute barred. Details Below: Date of birth: Company name: CAHOOT Account type: Budget (revolving account) Special Instruction Indicator: Debt Assigned Special Instruction Start Date: 01/01/2007 Started: 20/04/2002 Default Balance: £10,939 Current Balance: Satisfied Defaulted On: 22/03/2005 File Updated for the Period to: 11/11/2007 Status history: [] brackets indicate most recent months status [ ] What's this? Note: A defaulted account is removed from your report after six years whether or not you have paid the debt in full. If you have paid some of the debt off, the balance should show how much you still owe. EVERYTHINGEVERYWHE... Communications Satisfactory Settled 01/05/2005 Hide ENTRY NUMBER: C2 Date of birth: Company name: EVERYTHINGEVERYWHERE TA ORANGE Account type: Communications FCS Flag: FCS Disconnected Started: 19/01/2001 Current Balance: Settled Settled On: 23/04/2005 File Updated for the Period to: 01/05/2005 Status history: [] brackets indicate most recent months status [ ] What's this? Summary of payment history: In the last 36 months of account activity, the number of status 1-2 is 0 and the number of status 3+ is 0 Note: Settled accounts are kept on file for six years from the settlement date. The status history in respect of a settled account relates to the period of time prior to the date of settlement. EVERYTHINGEVERYWHE... Communications Satisfactory £346 10/10/2010 Hide ENTRY NUMBER: C3 Date of birth: Company name: EVERYTHINGEVERYWHERE TA ORANGE Account type: Communications FCS Flag: FCS Disconnected Started: 11/06/2003 Current Balance: £346 File Updated for the Period to: 10/10/2010 Status history: [] brackets indicate most recent months status [ ] What's this? Summary of payment history: In the last 36 months of account activity, the number of status 1-2 is 0 and the number of status 3+ is 0 Hide 1 records held | Show | Help Electoral roll information
  11. actually thinking back i think they threatend county court judgments but never actually issued one (does this make a difference)
  12. Please can you advise of the following. In 2003 I got into a quite alot of unsecured debt, I had county court judgments raised that year, I have ignored all the letters for the last 7 years i they were sent to my parents address. The issue is this for the last 3 months the letters have ceased to arrive at my parents address. I never acknowleged the debts or replied to any letters I have seen on this forum that after 6 years the debt gets barred (or something). I was wondering if this is what's happened to me (or if it applies to me) that's why the letters have stopped. Many thanks for any advise in advance.
  13. Ok they have sent me a letter stating that my 40 days starts from when the recieved my last letter and not my first in june, how do i got about court and hpw much does it cost me Regards Paul
  14. Hi Yet again they have sent me a letter saying they need more info. they require the following. account number and sort code full address and previous if less than 3 years the correct payment Which is £5 Here are the details i sent in my last letter Ref/ 131159653 Address Previous Address Dear Kimberley Dawson I have enclosed the details you requested; please now provide my statements within 7 days as we are now above the 40 days given for a SAR. The details you require are: details in here Account number: details in here Branch sort code: details in here Account was a business account for details in here Account holder name:details in here I am now sending this information to the bank for the second time, Please can you send my statements as a matter of urgency, as I believe these are stalling tactics as to delay sending out statements that I am entitled to. I have enclosed a cheque for £5 for full statements and charges. If you do not comply within the next 7 days I shall seek a Court order obliging you to do so together with damages at the discretion of the Court and without any further notice. Please give this matter your up most urgency. Yours faithfully, Paul Carline is this is enough information to get my statements???? Please advise
  15. ok i found my details from a old car insurance i sent the details and they received on the 13th of august i gave them 7 days to reply with statements. They have not replied ok will i have to wait a further 33 days again or can i send another letter because there 40 days have run out... please advise
  16. Hi, Guys Ok some more help needed they have returned my cheque saying they do not charge for this service (SAR) and that i did not provide enough details. they say they need account number that is 8 digits and the sort code and what type of account it was and the account holder name.The only account number i have is 7 digits from a form i used to purchase a van, the address of my old bank is this bos po box 494 leeds Ls18eq I have a sort code of 12-24-11 would this be correct as its a bit smudged. also on the account number is there usually a 0 at the beginning, or end to make up the 8 digits. i know this is now a long shot , any help would most grateful, as i am now totally gutted i could only find this form with my old details on.
  17. thanks mate have you got a number that you can recomend i see there are several about. Regards Paul
  18. Still no statements after the extra days given they have also received my recorded delivery letter, what action do i take now, do i need to go to court to receive my statements. thanks in advance
  19. Hi, I have sent the letter giving them 7 days to send my statements, whats the next step if they don't provide them. thanks in advance...
  20. do you think i should call them, if they do not arrive and remind them of there obligation to provide them??
  21. Hi, It has been 37 days and I have only received a letter saying I will receive my statements within 40 days... what is the next move if they do not arrive in the next 3 days... Thanks in advance
  22. Hi, Please can someone help. I had a business account with the bank of Scotland from 2003 to 2004 I have located today my account number. I had recently contacted the bank but they said my account did not exist. Please can someone help me with the SAR. Is this just the same as when claiming for a personal account or different and also where do I send the SAR as I live in England, and if need be which court would I use (English or Scottish). Many Thanks Paul
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