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  1. hello everyone, this is my first thread.i have just become a member of the site. the reason for this is im trying to claim back 6 years of bank charges from barcleys bank. i have held the same savings account now for over19 years. the actuall ammount im trying to claim back is £440 over the past 6 years which doesnt sound like much but my main concern is 4 years ago i suffered the loss of several close members of my family one of those being my dad all in a short period of time which thrust me into deep depression so i had to claim income support which went directly into my bank. it made life difficult trying to survive on as little as £50 a week and to make matters worse i was going overdrawn on my bank account and getting charged for this and as you can imagine a £30 bank charge out of £50 was leaving me very little(and sometimes nothing!!) to live on each week. this of course did very little to help my depression,in fact it made things so much worse,i spent a lot of the time in tears not seeing how i could possibly survive. i called the bank on a number of occations telling them that they have left me with no money to live on and it must be illegal but i got absolutly no simpathy just warnings that it was my own fault and i should take better care over the money going in and out of my account. i was devastated and im affraid to say it led to me wanting to take my own life!! what i need to know before i send my claim in to the bank is can i stop them from doing this again?(the last charge was £30 on 20th april this year) is it legal to take money from me that the government has paid me to live on? and can i claim any compensation for all barcleys bank plc have put me through? i would be so greatfull for a reply to my problems as soon as possible as my life has taken another turn for the worse and money would be a massive help. thankyou.
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