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  1. hi, i cant get anyT&C from the wayback site, i have got some from another thread but they just seem to be for a card not the whole account, are these any good? i need some from 2000 and some from 1990. anyone got any ideas/
  2. thanks trish76, do u know anything about a court bundle?
  3. hello to everybody, i have been on this site before as fuzz33 but had troble with logging onto the site so i had to re register as fuzz35. Ihave had no reply to my LBA so i am going to the court tomorrow to get the N1 form. anyone got any advice on the best way to fill this in or is it pretty straightforward? please keep looking at my thread as i know i will need loads of help. also thanks to everyone who gave me advice previously, i hope you can carry on giving me the same good advice. oh, ialso would appreciate any help with a court bundle as i'm sure i am going to have to put one together.:-?
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