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  1. Today I received notice that a Directions Hearing will take place on 18th July. What does this mean? cc110
  2. cc110

    Lloyds TSB and me

    This morning I've received Notice of Directions Hearing to take place on 18th July. What does that mean? cc110
  3. To claim back my overdraft charges I followed the steps outlined in the national press: I initially wrote to the manager of my Lloyds TSB branch on 25th Feb asking for details of charges over the past 6 years. They sent them to me 0n 23rd March. I wrote again requesting a refund of the total sum (£1715) on 29th March. I received a reply from Customer Service Recovery Centre dated 4th April saying that were not prepared to cancel the charges. On 21st April I filed a claim with Money Claim Online, on 14th May received notification that my claim had been filed and on 24th May received notification that Sechiari Clarke and Mitchell were defending the claim and disputing the whole amount. It was at this time that I heard about the district judge who found in favour of Lloyds in a similar case and I started getting nervous. cc110
  4. Hello I've just joined the forum. I wish I'd known about it before. I've claimed my unlawful charges back from Lloyds TSB; gone through all the steps, including making a claim in the County Court. Lloyds are defending the claim and disputing the whole amount. I'm particularly worried because of a similar case a few weeks ago in which a district judge found in favour of Lloyds TSB. I'm on the point of withdrawing my claim (losing the £120 I had to pay) and referring it to the Financial Ombudsman instead. Any advice? cc110
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