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  1. thanks for posting all these letters...i shall be posting them out in a day or two...suprising thing happened today...I called Triton services to again offer them to pay £20.00 monthly in order to clear out my £319.57 which also has some stupid credit card charges on it for the agreement which went wrong on the first place because of them...anyways....this girl who picked up the phone said to me that i should not take credit cards if i cant afford them and then cheekly wanted to take all my contact numbers, the company i work for etc....i did not disclose all the information at all to her....w
  2. I am their recent victim and I will happily take them to court and screw them upside down because i have got a stack of letters from natwest asking me to make my regular payments and then triton is chasing me as well..spoke to them today and this girl threatened me to take my TV away..lol
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