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  1. I was asking for about £5k which I don't think is unreasonable to fullly fit out a bedroom and living room. They offered £2K and then £2.5K (after I complained). Why am I paying for contents insurance of £40K for the house (2.5 bedrooms, 2 reception, 1 small bathroom and 1 small kitchen) when all they offer me is 1/20th of the cover for 1/3 of the house.
  2. I did make out a list and supplied them with replacement prices but it is the loss adjusters who are dealing with it rather than the insurance company. There is nothing in the T&Cs to say must be less than 15 years old so I just don't understand why I can't replace my TV with a similar new one. What is the point in paying for new for old cover? Another way for insurance companies to get the arm in.
  3. Bed, bedroom furniture, carpet, bedclothes and clothes (which I know you only get a percentage of). Also tv, settee, 2 armchairs, cabinet, carpet, curtains etc.
  4. I am having a problem claiming on contents insurance. Contents are covered for approx £40k on a new for old basis but when I tried to claim for burst tank damage to bedroom and lounge I have been offered only £2,000 from insurance company. When I queried this they said that some of the contents was were 15 years old but surely that is the point of taking out new for old insurance. After I queried this they have upped the offer to £2,500 but I don't think this is enough but am afraid to reject it in fear that they will refuse to pay out anything. What should I do?
  5. Advice needed please. I am having difficulty in finding letter template to claim back Vanquis Repayment Option Plan payments. Can anyone give me the correct wording to use. I phoned them to ask for the payment to be refunded and they have written to me to say ROP is not the same as PPI (which I already know) but my point is that I never asked for it in the first place because I would never envisage requesting a payment holiday as I am in full-time employment and even if I was sick I get 6 months full pay. Many thanks
  6. Hi Bettyhoop - Use the Swindon Way address for Nationwide. By the way I also got £1000 back for my son last week from Nationwide so you will have no problem getting your money back. About 3 weeks max after you file your small claims the money will appear in your account - my son's money went in on a Saturday.
  7. Quick update - I have lodged my son's claim for approx £1100 at Belfast yesterday. Can't remember how long it was before I got my money but am confident that it will come through.
  8. Hello again everyone. Having made a successful claim myself in September I have recommended the site to my son and he is about to submit his claim for £1030 to Belfast court. We have followed all the step by step instructions and have completed the claim form for the court. Come Friday (when he gives me the £62) I will lodge his claim in Belfast. Fingers crossed he will be as lucky as I was - although luck had nothing really to do with it - it was the excellent help from the moderators and helpers on this site that made it happen. Will keep you posted. Elsie.
  9. I have a redemption statement from the Alliance & Leicester from 1998. The breakdown includes a repayment fee of £2,903.66 and a redemption charge of £60.00. Can I claim back either of these charges back? I have already claimed back £2,000 from the Nationwide in bank charges so I know the steps to take but I'm unsure about claiming early redemption charges.
  10. I used the NW Pipers Way Swindon address. The small claims limit in Northern Ireland is £2,000. You can add 8% on when you are submitting your money claim to the small claims court which may take it over the £2,000 but that's OK. By the way I successfully got over £2,000 back from NW. Good luck with your claim (not that you need luck cos it's pretty straightforward). Post any queries you have (or PM me) and I'll do my best to help.
  11. Hi Guinness, any word of them closing your account? I haven't got my 30 days notice from them yet. I was wondering if they had realised that they are cutting of their nose to spite their face! I got a leter from NW telling me that my money was being refunded but not the full amount I was asking for (they were about £6 short) and they also said they were cancelling £80 in pending charges. Do you think they have had a change of heart? - unlikely I know but you never know!!!!!!!! Elsie
  12. Hi Dolly - have filled in the survey and sent my donation - thanks for all your help - much appreciated.
  13. Hi Bakerboy - any word yet about your claim - I got my money from Nationwide paid into my account yesterday. I'm so pleased and grateful to everyone on this site - hope you get your soon.
  14. Good morning - what a beautiful morning it is (even though it is pouring down here in Northern Ireland) cos I'VE WON - yippee!!!! I never got round to ringing the court to alter my papers, nothing was showing on the court's online system and I never got any word that NW intended to defend BUT then yesterday I got three amounts of money paid in to my account - £950 (correction), £441.38 (correction) and £242.29 (credit by cash) which totals £1633.67. My claim was for £1640.21 but don't think I'll argue over £6.54 ALTHOUGH I think they may be adding another £60 charges to my account this month
  15. Hi Guinness - Congratulations! I'm delighted for you - seemed to come through very quickly - did they not even say they were going to defend? Gives me hope that I'll get mine within a few weeks - keep your fingers crossed for me? PS Thanks for all the help and advice you have given me. Elsie
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