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  1. Well it seems that the bailiff doesnt know what 24hrs is.. just as we left the house this morning and leaving the street he was turning in. so much for the 24hrs on the letter. Well this time he left a letter titled Bailiff Removal.. I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding Council Tax Liability Order and any additional Enforcement Costs incurred. PLEASE NOTE - No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full by CLEAR FUNDS ONLY. I will re-attend at your address at a time convenient to myself and may REMOVE goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the tel. number below to arrange prompt payment of your debt. NO CONTACT WILL BE TAKEN AS YOUR REFUSAL TO PAY The council know we are not refusing to pay, We just refuse to pay the amount he is asking due to this mystery fee being added yesterday, We know the fee of £42.50 is payable for the 2 visits and will be paid. Spoke to the council this morning who have suspended the bailiff action due to the liability dates not being correct..We just need to supply proof we were living elsewhere for the months that are in dispute (which we can as we still have the old council tax bill). Still no updates on the £154 that was added to the balance yesterday by the bailiff but i will keep chasing for that with the bailiff company and council.
  2. nah i deffo wont cave in.. think they know this from my emails. even the bailiff yesterday knocked once, posted the letter then drove off. Yesterday was the 3rd visit without contact so hopefully they will get the message. Just gonna sit tight and wait for the council and bailiff company to reply to my complaint and see where this £154 came from.
  3. How soon do they normally pass the account back to the council? This has been with them since October 2013..
  4. I have emailed the letter and details to the council to question the extra charge going on, i will also send a copy to the bailiff company and find out what they are doing. The fees were correct as of 31st Jan, the account was put on hold by the bailiffs for 14 days as they wanted loads of details/proofs from me. They have never been to the new address untill today so i assume if they have placed a levy on a random car after the 31st Jan they must of gone to the old address. Thanks
  5. Hi, No levy has been made, no paperwork about a notice of seizure and he deffo hasnt gained entry. The council confirmed that the 2 visits were made to the old address even though we had moved out and notifed them of this. After moving back to the area we received a letter which is detailed in my 1st post, thats the only contact untill today we have had from the bailiff. Also to add, ive had the breakdown in charges emailed from Rossendales and it only has the 1st and 2nd visit fees listed on there.
  6. Update - returned home to find a final notice has been left by a bailiff today.. But the sneaky so and so has added a further £154 on top.. I already have details from the company to say the fees of £24.50 (26th Nov) and £18 (2nd Dec) had been applied to the account. Ive attached the letter received... Ive emailed the council with a copy of this aswell asking about the extra charges. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  7. yeah i can send another email to her, not a problem... ..Im sure she wont mind as i emailed the CEO of revenues and benefits to start with which promted her to get involved, Think she is the manger of that dept...
  8. Ive contacted the council lady direct this afternoon via her email address to chase up the details they were going to send me. . I will make token payments each week online to the council untill i receive the forms and returned them etc.. . I pretty much guessed that would be the answer for Rossendales but just wanted to double check. .. Not sure if they will come out again if they have already charged the 2 fees and got nowhere.
  9. hi, just popped back with an update so far.. Email received from Rossendales with a breakdown of charges, These seem correct as its only the 1st and 2nd visit fees that have been applied. They have put action on hold for 14 days and have requested me to complete and income/outgoings sheet and to supply proof of any income eg.. payslips, tax credits letters etc... Do i have to supply these to them? The council replied with the details i asked for, They have 2 liability orders against me for the same address, but the lady i spoke to asked about the dates we moved out and when i explained it was November 2011 she said they would need to investigate as they issued the liability order saying we were there untill Jan 2012.. (we can provide proof from the address we moved to that we were there in Nov 11 and not that the one the council claimed we were at).. The amount the council is claiming for in the 1st Liability order is correct and match the letter from Rossendales.. . The lady i spoke to mentioned putting the 2 accounts together a nd agreeing a re-payment plan and would send an income/outgoings sheet to me and advised how we would go about claiming the new Council Tax Relief as we are on a low income.. We havnt heard anything furher from the council at the moment.. What action should we take next? Thanks
  10. Hi, Thanks for the info.. I will draft the letters/emails tomorrow and get them sent off Monday morning.
  11. Hi, Im looking for some help/advice please. .. Back in 2010 a Liability order was issued from the local council, I agreed a re-payment amount with them, Due to family issues we moved away from the area and payments stopped (i know it was a stupid thing to do), We were out of the area for 18 months. In the 18 months we were living away from the area we never received any letters or visits from a bailiff at the new address regarding this. We moved back into the area in April 2013.. On 17th Jan 2014 we received a letter in the post dated 14th Jan 14 which advises the following: Removed some info just incase. Final Reminder - DO NOT IGNORE Client: Local Council Our Ref: xxxxxxx Client Ref: xxxxxxxxxx Outstanding Liability Order Value: £6xx.xx Dear Sir/Madam Despite previous correspondence you have not made payment to clear the above overdue balance. When a van attends you will be liable for additional costs. In order to avoid the removal of your goods you must contact immediately on 08447 01 39 80 NO FURTHER REMINDERS WILL BE ISSUED Yours Failthfully, Bailiff Manager What action do i take next? I know that money is owed to the council, but i dont agree that its for the amount that is advised on the letter from them. Do i need to write/email the council and obtain the details of the Liability order and for the amount it was issued against? What contact do i make with the bailiff company? When should i expect a visit from them? any help/advise would be grateful. Thanks D
  12. Im sure they are not taking this serious, they even managed to get eBay to remove the negative feedback as they said it was false and could provide delivery details. So eBay went ahead and removed it, Ive noticed they have done this with a few negative feedbacks that have been left.. What else can i do? Thanks
  13. Hi, Its been a while since i was last on here... Just needing some advice on what i can do next.. I purchased a bed on eBay 17/12/2013 and paid via paypal. I got the despatch email along with a tracking number. The delivery was due between 20th Dec upto 23rd Dec. I went online on the 20th to check the tracking info only to see that the item was saying delivered on the 19th Dec @ 17.01.. I contacted the seller who said they would investigate after the xmas holidays.. After the holidays i chased them for an update regarding this and asked for the copy of the signature and a description of the person who signed for it.. Nothing was sent to me, then the driver arrived on Monday 6th Jan wanting further info from me.. I asked the driver who signed for it and he replied, some guy stood on the drive, i then left it in a safe place, When asked where this safe place was he advised it was on the path next to the garage!! ( which is visible from the street ) when asked why he thought that was a safe place he just shrugged his shoulders. Ive even checked with the neighbours and none of them have signed for it, so i opened a case with paypal and supplied all the info they needed.. Paypal then closed the dispute in favour of the seller as they had provided tracking info and as far as they were concerned that was enough evidence to show it was sent to me, even though i had explained fully in the claim that we hadnt received or signed for the delivery. I received an email this morning from the seller offering replacement parts (if i was unhappy with the items received) or a partial refund! What can i do next to try and claim my full money back from them? Thanks
  14. no not this one.. the 2nd part that came with it that details the amount paid and whats outstanding then says it needs to be paid by the date given above? No date is there, it only says 14 days.
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