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  1. I got another letter off these [EDIT] people, same as a previous poster. A Newlyn letter looking for the full charge paid within 14 days else they MAY take me to court, which MAY result in bailiffs and MAY affect my credit rating. Well i MAY be attacked by polar bears on my way to work, and shredded wheat MAY prevent heartattacks. They expect me to fall for this basic, almost childlike "legal" teminology. It's frankly embarrassing. If i followed the instructions of every letter i received i would have paid the original charge, and the extra charge twice to 2 different companies. The
  2. Strange turn of events today. I received a letter from CEL informing me that they were sorry i hadn't paid, and will offer me a chance to pay at the reduced rate. I had written to newlyn and CEL, advising both to cease contact and that any further word will be passed to my solicitor. Now they've both contacted me....for different amounts! Just to clarify, it's now almost 2008, and their attempts to make me pay their fictional invoice have now lasted over 6 months. Now they're offering me another chance to pay the reduced rate? Shambolic. Oh, i won't be of course. I wouldn't even trus
  3. Well i'll add my latest letter to the pile. The standard "Our records show you havent paid, we need this payment from you, failure to do so will result in court action" etc..followed with another chance to pay. Court action? with absolutely no case...good luck. I'll see them in court.
  4. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Part of me wants to offer CEL the original charge (45 quid) just to end this whole affair. Another part of me won't back down because i know they're con artists. Problem is, its affecting my peace of mind to such a degree i want it all to end.
  5. Well i just received my Newlyn letter (with "DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER" emblazoned across the top. It's the 1st correspondence on which they've managed to spell my name and address correctly so well done on that score. They seem to have worked out that i owe them 178 quid now (from the 45/90 they were begging for previously). Gave me a little bit of a shock and was initially quite upset. Thankfully logging back in here has shown me that it's another one of CEL's batch attempts to earn some money. They're giving me lots of options to pay them, phone no's, bold type of the word "immediately
  6. I'm still not paying them but im having slight concerns over someone mentioning these companies hiring debt collection agencies. A lot of my assuredness came from the fact that they can't get bailiffs without court action, which i imagine won't ever happen. I really don't want a hired agency on my case though (although i cant see it being worth the trouble for 45/90 quid). Anyone know if they've done this to anyone?
  7. I've not heard a word since their final demand, i'd rather go to court than pay. Not heard anything yet.
  8. That's very reasssuring to hear, much appreciated Big Man.
  9. I just find their threats unnerving, when they catch me off guard. Usually after a day or so i buck up and get back to simply being angry at them. I'd rather go to court than cave in, i just don't want to imagine bailiffs visiting my home while i'm at work. I guess they prey on this fear, which is why i despise them.
  10. I won't be letting any bailiffs in of course, but that's not what i asked. I asked whether this company will actually attempt to take me to court.
  11. So are these people going to actually issue me with a summons? I was under the impression that they didn't bother.
  12. I've just received my "Final" reminder today also. They must send them out in batches! Maybe they can only afford the stationary costs when every 1 in a hundred people actually pay them. I'm slightly concerned about bailiffs knocking at my door, but i imagine it's all bluff as it has no legal grounding whatsoever (obviously). I can't imagine them paying £250 (correct?) just to try and recover £90 from little old me.
  13. I've not heard anything in over a month now since writing once informing them to seek the driver not the keeper. I'd rather pay court costs than send these muppets a cheque, and i still havent bothered replying to their second demand. As people are saying here, let them chase, i'm not going to any trouble for them, i don't even want a note of cancellation. I just don't care about them enough, the matter is over for me. Good look Emma, keep that will power up and don't send money in a moment of weakness.
  14. I'm ignoring them too. I'd rather go to court than pay this feeble "charge".
  15. Cheers Rob. The tear was unintentional but satisfying
  16. [edit] now includes scan of letter Well, their response has arrived. They still haven't managed to spell my address correctly, and it says: (shortened to main points, my comments in brackets) We are in receipt of your letter dated 0000000 (What? it WAS dated) We have considered the matters raised but regret we cannot close the matter. As registered keeper we hold you responsible for the matter. You can of course choose to recover costs from the driver yourself. The PCN remains valid (As invalid as ever then, seeing as its a Penalty Charge Notice, not a Parking Charge Notice), an
  17. Thanks Rob. I have added a little paragraph to the letter but i havent sent it yet, i wonder what you think of it? my letter: Dear Sir or Madam, I am in receipt of your invoice for parking at the XXXXX car park on the 20/05/07. I note you have written to me as the registered keeper of the vehicle. Please be advised that as the registered keeper of the vehicle concerned that I have no liability whatsoever to pay your invoice. You need to contact the driver and invoice them directly. I also note from your correspondence your use of the term Parking Charge Notice, which you a
  18. I've just been reading pete's FAQs again and noticed that he suggests NOT denying being the driver if you actually were. Should i still proceed with the 'take itup with the driver' approach?
  19. Thanks Rob, appreciated. I actually spoke to a girl there on my lunch hour and informed her i would be rejecting their "demand". She even gave me their fax number, but i think i'lll just post it. If anyone wants their fax just let me know as i have it.
  20. Ah, thanks chaps Would you advise i put anything else in the letter saying i dispute their ability to go to court, and please either send me a cancellation or do not contact me again?
  21. Hi, 1st time poster, discovered this place after receiving an extremely dubious ticket in the post from CEL. The alleged offence is staying 15 minutes over 2 hours in a Co-Op supermarket car park in Sunderland. I spoke to the manager of the store who expressed his disgust in the only way he could ("its not ideal and its not the way i'd do it"), before coming home and finding this place. I'm looking at drafting a letter based on the templates here to basically say "go away, i refute you, try and take me to court if you can, we both know you can't". I spoke to the CAB and i knew more than
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