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  1. Because £5 is a limit and you can put limits on the increases. Inflationary for example!!!!!!!!
  2. We have to be realistic ! I took off my rose tinted spectacles a while ago ! The banks will be able to come up with all sorts of complex calculations that will inflate what is felt to be the true cost of probably £2. Equally I have no problem in banks making a profit, at the end of the day they are not a charity, what I have a problem with is the level of profit. Lets say the limit was £5 I honestly would have no problem with that. I think overall that would be a massive victory for the consumer and I for one would be applauding all concerned if that was the outcome !!!!!
  3. Its very simple. Were the oft in a position where they thought they would be left with no choice but to place a £12 limit they would of done it by now. If they lose the case and then enforce a £12 limit as per credit cards they will come under huge scrutiny for wasting VAST AMOUNTS of tax payers money on a case they lost. It will be asked why they didn't do it before embarking on a lengthy and expensive legal case. Equally what will it say for any regulatory body to take a case to court against the very people they regulate and to then go and lose. They look to have no power, no au
  4. Hi Everyone I have a lot of experience of the debt management industry as I currently work for one of the main players. I have to say on the whole there are a lot of good companies out there that do a very good job. I have heard some horror stories however but it has to be said that in all forms of finance there are horror stories. You need to be careful with the fees that are charged particularly if it is based on a percentage of your payment or they are asking for massive up front payments. Yes the CAB do a good job but will leave you to fend for yourself and unfortuna
  5. Hi Everyone Myself and a bunch of colleagues sent off our letters. Three of them have already had responses, thanking them for bringing it to the MP's attention and that they will be looking into the matter. It could be taken as a fob off but I think that they have responded in 36 hours is preety positive. On another note have you seen that this is starting to gather pace in america as well and the americans are only charged about £18 a time.
  6. Hi Everyone I have just found this great site that allows you to email your MP in about five minutes flat !!! WriteToThem.com - Email or fax your Councillor, MP, MEP, MSP or Welsh, NI, London Assembly Member for free I have also put below the copy of the email I sent to mine. We should all try and make a difference !!!!!!! Dear Sir I would like to write to you to bring to your attention the disgraceful situation involving the recovery of unlawful bank charges. On the 26th July 2007 the OFT launched in the High Court a legal test case to clarify the law on unfair
  7. Guidot This was on penaltycharges.co.uk. Cardiff cc to hear block case aug 14th - Penalty Charges Forum I am confused now ???????
  8. I agree ! The staff while helpful can be prone to mis informing staff ! Get that judgement slapped in ! Another victory hopefully. Oh have you heard, apparantly cardiff courts have a huge amount of cases and have rejected stays in all of them, the judge has said the hearings will take place on the 14th of August. Finally some good news !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi Fellow CAG'ers Although this is something I have put on an alternate thread I didn't get a response. Surely we should look to the law as the way around this sorry FSA waiver ruling, after all has served us all well up to now ? The whole test case is based on the UTCCR 1999 law and whether it is relevant in this case. This being clarified is the reason the courts have the power (that it seems they are using) to grant a stay until a decision is reached in the test case. I have found that under the Supply Of Goods and Services Act 1982 any supplier of a service has to charg
  10. With All Due Respect Wild Bill Peoples money is now being held up for potentially years. There would of been nothing wrong with the test case happening but there was no need for the waiver or the courts wanting to stay any cases.
  11. Hi The other banks not included can sign up to the waiver. I am not expecting any of them to not do. The waiver allows them the freedom to keep charging without giving any refunds. It is the courts allowing cases to be heard that is the critical factor, if that can be achieved then the FSA's decision has had no real effect in the short term.
  12. Hi Everyone This is my first post ! I am shocked that this has happened and feel that really all that has happened is that the FSA has allowed the banks to continue with no thought to the consumer despite there "its in the interests of the consumer" comment. As I understand it the test case is thrashing out the merits of our arguments over the UTCCR 1999 and common law. If the courts decide to stay all cases on the basis that this is being explored by a higher court then surely if we can come up with other law that will support our argument then the courts will NOT be able to stay th
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