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  1. The original creditor was Barclays, for a personal loan around £10k.
  2. yes, well they're doing a good job of it! the debt is 5 years old now.
  3. I haven't no. It's Moorcroft DCA. I've made an offer of reduced payment and sent budget which has not been replied to, they just sent another letter threatening court action if I did not pay the full amount by 19 April. I have replied to this by re-offering my reduced payment but have sent no actual payment. I wasn't sure to send a cheque but asked for details of how to pay which have been ignored. I've taken advice from CCCS and they've told me to write to Moorcroft asking them to suspend account until 28 April when I have my full telephone interview to get more advice.
  4. Can anyone tell me if a Claimant (DCA in this case) checks bank statements in support of a CCJ Admissions form? It is looking likely that a claim form will be issued to me but I'm worried about the bit where I declare how much money I have in bank accounts. My husband has been bankrupt for the past 6 months and we've been using my account to hold his money, up to £1800. He is self employed and we've been putting aside his tax return money for safe keeping. Clearly if my bank account shows such funds I imagine I'll be asked to hand them over to my debt. I'm thinking of removing his money from the account so at least I'm not lying on the Admissions form but am wondering if the Claimant will ask for bank statements in support of this - then it will look like I've been hiding money available for the debt. Please, any help most welcome. Am becoming very worried by all of this and my health is suffering. I am diagnosed bipolar and am very prone to stress. I am also thinking of getting my mental health worker to write to the DCA - does anyone think this will help the general situation? Many thanks in advance...
  5. Thanks very much for your reply. I've not actually sent a Request to Barclays (the original creditor) only to RMA, who I'd been dealing with for the past 4 years or so when Barclays got them involved. RMA could not produce the Agreement and now things seem to have been passed onto Moorcroft. Is there any way I can find out what's happened? I'm assuming RMA have passed back to Barclays who've reissued the original debt to Moorcroft. (Any monies I've paid to RMA seem to have been added back on.) Certainly no one has informed me of what has occurred. No surprise there! Any advice very welcome....
  6. I've not heard from RMA for quite some time now but have just received a letter from Moorcroft regarding the debt to Barclays. Can one DCA pass a file onto another? Have they sold it on again? Does anyone have a similar experience? The debt is now around £2k bigger than when I last heard from RMA - what's the deal here? Moorcroft have started phoning me regularly and leaving messages, I've not actually spoken to them yet (what's the point?!) Anyway, I've requested my Credit Agreement again from Moorcroft and will wait to see what happens...
  7. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it would be worth offering RMA a full and final settlement, of say 10%? Or just leave them to pass back to Barclays, if they can, and see what happens?
  8. RMA / NCO Europe for all the usual nonsense; harassment, lies, and not being able to produce my Credit Agreement. Good luck with the mass complaint.
  9. OK M, thanks for your post. I will get my CCA request off to Barclays asap and see what happens next...
  10. Me again, can anyone help with the point above? Many thanks
  11. Quite so. But what I don't understand is that both TS and FOS are saying that I need to refer back to Barclays as they pursue the original debt. I understood that since the debt has been sold onto RMA and they have not produced the original Credit Agreement within the time allowed, the debt is now unenforceable and that's that. Forgive me if I'm being slow and/or confused but what is the point of the CCA request and associated time allowances if it can all just be referred back? I suppose what I need to know is 1) Can they refer back to Barclays? 2) What happens if Barclays produce a Credit Agreement and 3) What happens if they cannot? 4) Where do I stand re Court in this situation? I'm getting a bit worried about this now since what seemed straightforward doesn't really seem that way any more. I am also worried because I've had to come off my medication for bipolar as I've just fallen pregnant and really need minimum stress right now. If anyone could help me clarify my situation I would be more than grateful. Thanks all.
  12. Now I'm really confused. Have just spoken to FOS and they say they can't lodge a complaint against a debt collection agency who have a right to collect a debt. I pointed out to them that RMA have been unable to produce my Credit Agreement and the FOS just said that I'd have to go back to Barclays to get the original. Now I understood that RMA had to have a copy of it themselves to produce? The FOS also said that unless I am disputing the debt they cannot make a complaint. I have written to RMA saying I do not acknowledge the debt and without the Credit Agreement surely they cannot collect? I told the FOS that I did have an original debt with Barclays but since it had been sold on and without the correct documentation it is now unenforceable and RMA shouldn't be trying to collect (the basis of my complaint). Am totally lost now as to what to do! I was thinking I would get more support from TS and FOS but perhaps I've completely misunderstood my situation. Any advice more than welcome.....
  13. End of story? Great. That's what I thought. RMA really are just a bunch of shysters. Thanks for the lightning quick response Ben. I think I will definiitely get the FOS involved though, they helped me out initially with Barclays Insurance Dublin so I have much faith in them. I'll let you know how I get on.
  14. Hallo again folks! Since sending my letter to RMA saying that I would no longer deal with them as they had been unable to supply my Credit Agreement, that I would report them to Trading Standards etc, etc, I have since heard from RMA twice. Once saying 'Phone us we have a proposal for you' and today saying 'Unless suitable repayment terms are agreed immediately we must return your debt to Barclays Bank plc. We will recommend that they begin proceedings against you'. I have just spoken to Trading Standards asking them what to do next but I'm not clear on what they're suggesting. I offered to send them all relevant documentation to lodge a complaint against RMA but what they seemed to be saying was that what they could do next is write to RMA asking them to supply my Credit Agreement and to take me to court. Now I understood the debt to be unenforceable without this documentation outside of the 12+30 days so can anyone please help confirm my situation and what I should do re this latest threat from RMA and what to do with Trading Standards? Many thanks in advance....
  15. Many thanks Red, I'll get the letter off asap. I'll be dealing with Consumer Direct too but I think we're pretty much done here. Many thanks to everyone who's helped me out, I really appreciate it.
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