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  1. Hi there, I've been living in a property for 3 years and every year I've renewed and (previously!) paid to renew my tenancy agreement (AST) and the deposit was re-protected and I received an email from the Deposit Scheme confirming my deposit was protected for another year. However, this year, due to the removal of letting fees, we have not been charged and the landlord has done the renewal himself. However, its 28 days since we signed the renewal, so should the deposit have been (re) protected (well he has 2 more days), last year we received confirmation within 7 days. Is our AST treated as a new contract (as its 12 months) or as long as the original deposit was protected its fine. If it is not protected within 30 days, and even if it was done by (eg) 36 days, should I keep quiet and use it against the landlord if there were ever any issues. In addition, we were charged 6 weeks rent deposit, I believe the law is now for 5 weeks, should we claim 1 week back? Screenshots of AST enclosed (with personal info edited out). https://ibb.co/4PGf4Nf https://ibb.co/dJtDyS6 Thanks, Daniel
  2. Hi, This may sound a stupid question. But I've been tipped off by a reliable source at work they are going to outsource my department/function shortly. I already thought this was going to happen though. We are a small IT team of two people, and in November we had an audit which revealed some (allegedly) appalling spending decisions over the years. However I only started in August 2014, so legally I am entitled to no redundancy pay. Is there any benefit on waiting for the official announcement or just find a new job and resign as normal? I have also looked at TUPE etc, they would probably transfer me then make me redundant straight away, especially as the new IT supplier is based 100 miles away. Even if it was unfair, the 2 year rule excludes me from taking it to a tribunal etc. Dan
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am aware its a long shot. I might get a SAR and send them a nice letter and see what happens. Yes, I reverted to a basic bank account the day I cleared the Graduate Loan.
  4. Hi, I have read about people claming back unfair bank charges, regarding packaged accounts. In 2005 I had a Student Account with Barclays, and in June of that year I applied and got an £3000 Graduate Loan. In August 2005 I asked to increase it to £5000 and was told "You have a better chance to being accepted for this increase if you upgrade to Graduate Additions as this will form a favourable impression with the bank". I was paying £10 a month I think, till April 2010 when I paid off the loan and moved to another bank. The bank account is still active as a basic bank accountm, with about £10 in it), is it worth claiming? I still have an ISA with Barclays,. Dan
  5. Dont know if anyone can help, basically my cousin just moved out of a flat, and the agency isnt happy they didnt use there instructed contractors and they want to reclean the carpets. Can they insist you use there contractors? Excahange of emails below, may explain more. Thanks enc _-------------------------------------------------- From: Tenant Sent: 07 July 2010 To: Letting Agents Dear Letting Agent: Many thanks for the attached Checkout Report. With reference to the table (p.6): Room /Item Pet addendum Description – Repairs/Dilapidations Tenant had a dog and had signed a pet addendum. At end of tenancy he has had the carpets professionally steam clean and de infested and invoice has been provided. However this was meant to be carried out by contractors instructed b y the agent, as worded in the addendum. Landlord please advise if your require further de infestation to be carried out as a precaution? TT – as a precautionary measure the carpets will be re-treated for fleas as have no guarantee with outside contractors Room /Item Kitchen Description – Repairs/Dilapidations Salad draw in fridge had cracks to bottom at start of tenancy and is now in two half’s, see photo. Window roller blind had a control cord at start to raise and lower it, this is now missing, see photo. TT We agree the roller-blind control cord is missing and should be replaced. Unfortunately we do not agree with the following: 1.Pet Addendum - The Contractor we used found no evidence of flea infestation; however as a precautionary measure and as a gesture of goodwill we paid for the carpet treatment anyway. 2.Pet Addendum - We did not receive a copy of the Pet Addendum and were not aware of an approved list of contractors as mentioned above. 3.Kitchen - The fact the salad drawer was cracked when we moved in and then broke (in daily-usage over the course of a year) would suggest it’s attributable to fair wear and tear as it simply wore out due to the previous damage. Hopefully we can reach a compromise on the issues above. Please be assured we took great care and attention in getting the property ready for the next tenant and – whilst we fully understand you have to charge for broken or missing items, the items above do seem unfair given the circumstances. This is compounded by the fact that, due to lino being fitted incorrectly after we moved in, we have already to gift our washing machine to the Landlord and now have to purchase a new one. Finally, can I state that reason we moved were the damp and dangerous plugs in the living room, these were reported several times to Property Management since Christmas 2010 and nothing was done, these are captured in the Checkout Report images and we sincerely hope they will be repaired for the next tenant(s). I look forward to your response. Regards, Tenants From: Letting Agent Sent: 06 July 2010 16:23 To: Tenant Subject: Correspondence from Letting Agent Dear Tenants Re: The inventory checkout has been completed at the above property and the findings of the Inventory Clerk are contained within the attached Checkout Report. All items identified as being your responsibility in accordance with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, will be charged to your Tenancy Deposit and the balance, if any, will be refunded directly into the bank account you have nominated. If you intend to dispute or disagree with any of the issues raised in the Report then the following action should be taken: 1.Inform us immediately of your intentions. 2.Any undisputed sums will be refunded to you in accordance with the requirements of The Dispute Service. 3.If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached You must instigate a dispute with The Dispute Service, their contact details are: The Dispute Service, P O Box 1255 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP1 9GN Tel: 0845 226 7837, Fax: 01442 253193, Email: deposits@tds.gb.com . The disputed sums will continue to be held by us as Stakeholder pending instruction from The Dispute Service to send the monies to them for adjudication. 4. The Dispute Service will only adjudicate on a dispute within a maximum period of 180 days from the end of the Tenancy. The Tenancy Deposit is held by us as Stakeholder and protected by The Dispute Service. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries on 01273 744880 or city.pmd@leaders.co.uk. Yours sincerely Letting Agent Encl. Check out report
  6. If you have young children they will love these free educational software titles: TuxPaint - Free drawing programme for kids in KS1&2 (5-11) Info: - Tux Paint Download: - Tux Paint - Download - Windows Screenshots: Tux Paint - Screenshots TuxMath - Numeracy game for children aged 4 - 10 Info: Tux4kids Tuxmath Home Download: Tux4Kids - Home Screenshots: Tux4kids - Screenshots TuxType - Typing game for children 5 - 11 Info: Tux4Kids - Home Download: Tux4Kids - Home Screenshots: Tux4Kids - Home Older Children may like Scratch - A programme in which you can create your own games - Scratch | Home | imagine, program, share Other free games/educational titles can be found at: http://www.schoolforge.net/education...re/educational Make sure you choose the Windows version if asked, or Linux/MAC OS if you are running that!
  7. Hi, This is written on behalf of my cousin... We signed a 12 month tenancy agreement on 1st November 2008 as the rent had been increased, we were not sure at the time whether we would want to stay for 12 months but read the contract and saw the break clauses for Tenant and landlord below. When we contacted our current letting agent in April we mentioned we were looking for a new place and they said “OK thanks for letting us know, the best place to check for properties is our website”. We did this and actually viewed a few places but sadly they were unsuitable so we found one with another letting agent and paid a admin fee and holding deposit. When I subsequently informed the current letting agent of our plans to leave (6 weeks notice after the 6 month period) he has said “But you have a 12 month contract until November 2009”. I was shocked and mentioned the fact that: 1.They didn’t mention this before and actually said OK and helped us find new places available in the next month 2.The contract mentions the 6 month break clause which I took to be legally binding They have then said “they thought we wanted to move after November (not true as they found us loads of places available in June/July) AND the 6 month break clause isn’t of any value: “With regards to the break clause this is only mentioned in ‘additional notes’ is does not make up the main terms of the agreement”. To be fair they have asked the Landlord if he is prepared to allow a break in the contract but if he says no we will lose the deposit on the new place and have to stay in the flat for another 6 months. Do you think this is acceptable and do we have any recourse if the Landlord isn’t prepared to let us go? This is verbatim from the Contract: 19 Landlords Break Clause The Landlord shall have the right to terminate the tenancy at the end of the first six month period, or at any time after, by giving to the Tenant not less than two months notice in writing to that effect and upon the expiration of such notice this Agreement and everything herein contained shall cease and be void subject nethertheless to the right of the parties in respect of any antecedent breach of any of the covenants herein contained. The period of notice must expire at the end of a period of the tenancy. 20 Tenants Break Clause The tenant shall have the right to terminate the tenancy at the end of the first six month period, or at any time after, by giving to the Landlord not less than one months notice in writing to that effect and upon the expiration of such notice this Agreement and everything herein contained shall cease and be void subject nethertheless to the right of the parties in respect of any antecedent breach of any of the covenants herein contained. The period of notice must expire at the end of a period of the tenancy. (Clauses 19 and 20 must be included together) Thanks for any advice. Edit: There going to give notice officially on Tuesday by registered post to confirm receipt saying “we would like to give notice from 1st June and leave 1st July 2009"
  8. Update : Got an email from Head Office on Tuesday saying: I understand that a correct invoice is being sent to you, with apologies for any inconvenience. No sign yet, will wait till early next week before I contact them again, mentioning the VAT / HMRC issue.
  9. Thanks for your replies, it was two front discs fitted to a tiny Fiat Cinquecento! Hence I am a bit suspicous about the price! Starting to sound like a [problem] now, especially when you consider the bill came to £160 exactly, had an exhaust at a different branch a few months ago it cost £98.53.
  10. Hi there, Two weeks ago I took my car to the local HiQ to have the break discs changed, I only went there as its opposite from my work . At the end of the day I went to collect and pay for the car and was told it cost £160! Ok, these "quick" places tend to be a bit more expensive. However when I asked for a receipt they said the IT systems had been down all day and they would post one, well guess what 10 days later no sign of it! At the time I thought these things happen (I work in IT myself!) and just paid by credit card (got receipt) and left my details. However two other customers coming out had receipts in their hand. I phoned the garage after 5 days and they said they would post it, after 9 days I emailed HiQ head office and they replied on the same day saying its a franchise owned by another company but they would forward my email to them and they would be in touch, however 5 days later nothing. I'm thinking they may have ripped me off as I find £160 for 2 brake discs and labour for such a small car a bit high, but with no receipt there isn't even a breakdown of the work done, which I find a bit suspicious! If the franchise garage doesnt reply, should I go back to HiQ? Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi there, In July 2008 I bought a Tavistock 3+4 Chester Drawers from Glasswells Furniture for £500. Around a month ago I notice the draws had dropped slightly. So I phoned up Glasswells and told them and they sent someone round to inspect it. Basically they said it has dropped because too much weight was in it. However when I saw the same product in the companies showroom yesterday (which was also the same on in July) I noticed the horizontal beams were twice as thick. Glasswells have offered to repair the Chester drawers, by fitting a new beam and a metal bracket. However when questioned they refused to repair it to the spec in the showroom. When questioned further they said the supplier can change the spec without telling anyone as it wasn't a structural change. I just wondered what my rights are, as I feel the build quality I got differs from the actual model on display. The build quality of the item on display seems a lot better than mine. I paid £500, and I expected very good quality for that price ! Any help appreciated.
  12. Hi there, Sorry for not replying sooner. Basically I sent them a letter saying I required proof it was my fault. I also printed off two receipts from a website selling flea treatments as further proof my cat was treated every month. I have yet to receive a reply, so hopefully the case is closed. However in my case I got the deposit back before the agents asked for the flea treatment cost, as 8 days had passed since I moved out and new tenants had moved in. As you haven't got the deposit yet it might be a different process. Hopefully someone with more expertise can provide more advice, assuming the deposit is protected (personally) I would accept the amount offered and dispute the rest with the scheme administrator. Of course if its not protected then its a different scenario all together. Mine wanted £82 to fumigate a three bedroom terraced house, so if there asking £200 the landlord may be trying to pull a fast one. I think you could possibly demand the landlord obtains three quotes etc. Hope you manage to get it sorted.
  13. Thanks, They knew I had a cat and allowed me to have one, so that's their "proof". However they didn't charge me extra for a cat so I suppose £70 isn't end of the world.
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