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  1. I've sent off a letter asking if they will accept a settlement fee, on the condition that they remove the bad credit mark. We'll see. Also, I didn't know that late payment penalties were unlawful?
  2. Yes, I asked them to freeze the interest in my first letter and they agreed, by way of a phone call. They don't answer to emails. They often charged me late payment fees.
  3. I have the majority of my statements, are they what you mean? When you say they haven't helped me, do you mean my illness?
  4. Yes, I've just set up the standing order. Without checking I think I took the card out in 2012. There's not a great deal owing £2,000.( Hope that's not too facetious of me.) Thing is, I want to keep them sweet, as it were, so they'll accept the settlement figure if I need them to. I thought I'd write to them offering the settlement & including the proviso that my credit score is restored. Then, if they refuse to restore the credit score, don't go ahead with it & carry on with the standing order.
  5. What I'm trying to find out is, is it worth giving them a settlement or a monthly payment? If they are both going to achieve the same then I won't bother with the settlement option.
  6. Just spoken to ICO & they suggest that it will show as 'settled' rather than taken off, which is what I meant actually.
  7. And the fact they didn't write to me? Thanks very much for your reply, going to try ICO now.
  8. Hi there, Thank you for your reply. They HAVE put a bad credit mark on my score, I checked. I've spoken to SAGA, (I had to phone as they hadn't replied to my letter and expenditure form) they are happy to accept my monthly payments which I'll set up asap. I also put to them a settlement figure which I feel they seem open to. I've to send my medical conditions & statement of offer. I asked them to restore my credit score but, apparently, as they are Irish (AIB) they have no control over it, they only deal with Irish credit law, (yet they managed to put it on??)
  9. Yes, I'm just waiting to hear from them that they've accepted my monthly payments offer. I'll call them then to see what's happened?
  10. Hello again, different story. In July 2016 I was diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread. I notified saga & told them to hold up repayments please while I sort out my work/benefits. ( I was awarded PIP that the hospital claimed for me.) Saga called to say don't use the card and let them know when I was ready, also, it would affect my credit rating. I retired in December & started a claim for universal credits and work related disability, which I've now got. In the meantime, saga sent me an income expenditures form. I returned that but, they los
  11. Somewhere What should I do with it when/if I find it?
  12. Thank you so much for your help, I've been tracking down the original letter from Drydens & am just going through it. it begins with saying they are instructed by their client Arrow Global to commence legal proceedings against me if I don't propose repayments. Then there is a list they 'are required by Court rules' of 'certain information prior to issuing proceedings' I have also found a letter from ARCEurope limited who were acting for Arrow Global confirming a copy of the signed agreement I'd requested dated 24/3/2014. Will Drydens be aware of this if I request
  13. Oh, thought I might be. I'm hoping obviously to hold anything off for the 6 years, I'm not sure how long it is since I last paid anyone for this account, a couple of years? What I'm worried about is if they blackmark my credit report as I'd like to move & thought I might as well pay the £1 month but, even so I don't want to be paying anything to anyone like these sort of people. This account was being passed from debt agency to debt agency I lost track as they'd move it on before I'd even reset the standing order - not that I was in a rush, of course Then, last
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