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  1. I ride to work on a motorbike. This is my choice due to the volume of traffic I encounter on my daily commute. Now that the weather is doing its cold thing, the car park at work has become an ice rink. The car park has no public access. There is a small amount of gritting which is predominantly on footpaths. However, the main car park is left untouched and dangerous in a car, never mind on a bike. It is necessary to cross the car park to access other parts of the facility and people need to get from their cars to these gritted areas on untreated ground.


    I know that places of work have a duty of care to their employees, but I am not an employee; I am a long term on-site contractor (if that makes any difference). I have contacted the H&S dept to highlight my concerns, but I've been knocked back with statements along the lines that they are doing employees a favour by gritting the areas that they do. I was also informed that I have a care of duty to myself and that I should not come to work on a motorbike on such days!


    I will point out that this is not a small company and that the gritting is done as an apparent favour by Security which is not part of their T&C which suggests to me that this company doesn’t have a proper strategy for dealing with the icy conditions.


    So, to my point. If I was now to slip off my bike whilst on-site, who would be liable now that I have bought this issue to their attention? I ask because I feel that there is a very real possibility of it happening and I want to know my legal position.

  2. We've come to an arrangement. On the whole, I am very happy with the product, it's just the metal finish that I'm not happy about. So they have offered to accept my exhausts back and upgrade them to the stainless option at the additional cost which it would have been if I'd bought the stainless option originally.


    Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm sure I'll be back at some time on other matters. :razz:



  3. I haven't put the name of the company, but I can put a link to their website if that'll help. I wasn't sure if this was the done thing.


    The website says nothing about having to recoat them; there is nothing about other than description telling what they are - "Steel expansion chambers" and I have nothing in writing telling me that they need to be recoated. It was an over-the-phone purchase because they do not have the facility to buy online direct from the website.


    Should I put a link on to the website?

  4. A few months ago, I bought some new motorbike exhausts which cost me nearly £500. I received very good communication before I made my purchase. I asked quite a few questions because of the high £ of the parts, the most significant in this case was "...are the exhausts laquered...?" and the reply was


    "The XXXX pipes come pre coated in a clear coating for protection ready to go on the bike"


    To me, this meant that the pipes are suitably coated to be used on the road without issue.


    I finally fitted the exhausts on 22nd May - that's less than one calander month. Since fitting them, I have been out in the rain twice...and that was only minor showers. After which, they are rusting quite badly. I emailed the vendor (a respected provider of motorbike parts) to inform him of the corrosion and he claims to have told me over the phone that these type of exhausts nee to be coated/oiled regularly. He done no such thing, but it's his work against mine.



    To give you an idea of my knowledge of such things, I am a Mechanical Design Engineer and there isn't much that I don't know about the plating/painting of metals. It is of my professional opinion that the original clear-coat on the exhausts was of an unacceptably low quality.


    So where do I stand? I've bought some exhausts, fitted them less than a month ago, and now they are rusting.



  5. DAMN!!! I knew I should have checked here first.


    Anyway, I've got my car back this afternoon. The mechanic had found a split hose in the turbo system. Once this was repaired, the error did not re-occur. However, I will wait a few days before my confidence grows.


    So far, other than the inconvenience of all of this, it has cost me approx £100 to get to this point. I think it could have been much worse. If the car is now stable, then I will not bother the dealer any more.


    Thanks for the advice. I will update this post if things change.



  6. Hi everyone,

    I have recently bought a car from a chap in London that claimed to be a "private dealer". He deals from his home without a business premises. The name on the logbook did not match the address from where I bought it by a very long distance. He claims that he took the car as part-exchange. The logbook numbers were all correct to the vehicle and I dont a HPI check which showed nothing nasty.


    I bought the car on a Saturday, drove it a very sedate 130 miles home without issue where it remained, unused, until the following Tuesday. This is when I started having problems with it switching in to limp-home-mode with a variety of errors showing on the dash. I immediately informed the "dealer" about these issues and obviously, he didn't want to know because it was "fine when I last drove it".


    I decided to get it checked over by a local french car specialist (it's a Citroen) which he diagnosed a broken link on the turbo wastegate. This was replaced, but didn't solve the problem. I took it back for further diagnostic which provided the same errors on the computer - inconclusive. It is currently being stripped of lots of expensive looking parts in an attempt to get to the bottom of the problem...at what I expect to be great expense.


    So, what are my rights if I bought it from a dealer or private? Either way, I'm am 100% certain that this is a pre-existing problem.



  7. I bought a nice car in September and it came with 12 months warranty. A few days after buying the car, true to his word, the dealer posted out the warranty schedule to me, a copy of the Warranty companys’ promotional leaflet and a thank you letter.


    This week, I have had cause to make a claim on this warranty. Here’s the history...

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that the car was losing coolant. Not much, but enough for me to want to get it checked. So I contacted the Warranty Company and they advised that I get it checked. I had it booked in on the day when the snow fell heavily a few weeks ago, so I had to go and rescue the car before it got snowed in. The mechanic had made an initial inspection that pointed to the radiator, but they couldn't confirm. I rebooked it approx 10 days later after the snow had cleared, but again, due to no fault of mine, the diagnosis couldn't be completed because the mechanic was ill. I finally had the work completed last week and rectified this week. I was alarmed when the mechanic told me that he had been told by the Warranty Company that they wouldn't cover the claim because there had been more than 14 days since the fault was reported. This was news to me because the information I received from the Car Dealer didn't include such details.

    I proceeded to ring the Warranty Company to enquire as to the reasons behind their decision because I was unaware of the 14 day rule. They informed me that these details were in the Terms and Conditions that I received when I bought the car. Now this is the point of this post...I didn't receive, nor was I aware of the Terms and Conditions of the cover until I requested a copy from the dealer today.


    In a nutshell, there were two delays.

    Delay one was due to the snow.

    Delay two was due to the Mechanic being ill.


    So who's at fault here??? Is there blame here? Is the Car Dealer at fault for not giving me all the information? The warranty company for not informing me at start of the claim? The Mechanic for compounding the delay? God for making it snow? Me for being ignorant to these things?


    I'm feeling pretty cheated considering the money I paid for the car, so any advice would be very much appreciated.

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