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  1. It was a very informal for such a well-respected garage. The car is a Mazda MX5 Mk2...and they DO rust. The place where these get it is around the rear wheelarch/sill. After the work was done, he showed me photos of how much metal he had removed from the area and welded in new metal. I'm sure he did a good job in that respect, but the rust is back in exactly the same place. My main concern is that the Sill is a import structural part of the car and my good lady is potentially driving around in an unsafe car. Rust never gets better without intervention, so it looks like I'll be car-hunting soon or spending another £500 (at a different garage). It's a shame because she loves the car. Thanks for the advice - as usual, it's very much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your reply. As I'm also self-employed and VAT registered, your comments concerning the HMRC is something that I was also thinking about. I plan on going to see the garage next week...hopefully he'll see sense. Can he deny all knowledge of actually doing the work as there's no paperwork?
  3. Hi everyone, Can someone advise me please? In November 2016, I had the rust on my car sorted by a local recommended garage. It was a cash job as it saved me £100 on the quoted £600. Now, only five months later, the rust is back and it looks as bad as it did before the "repair". I have just rang the garage, only to be hurryingly told that they don't give any guarantees over their rust repairs. I didn't even get to the point where I was going to tell him that I don't have a receipt - it was obvious that he wasn't interested. So then, I know that I have potentially lost out here by going cash-in-hand, but any rights on this matter that I could put forward that might change his mind on this? P.
  4. I'm astounded at the lack of professionalism with this company. Their motto appears to be "Keep Calm and Ignore All Responses"
  5. UPDATE: I've now had a letter from DR+ with an unpaid parking charge of £120 and threatening legal action. As said above, I have requested this POPLA twice which has been ignored on both occasions. Should I be worried now? I'm beginning to get a bit vexed with all of this. P.
  6. Thanks everyone. I feel a little easier about this now.
  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head. She told me about 6 months ago that she has defaulted and had a CCJ. ..all this has happened since we split, so it has nothing to do with me. I presume that means that the CCJ can force repayments from sale of the property? The house has just gone up for sale and I'll be looking to buy once it's sold - I just don't want it to effect the sale or the chances of me obtaining a mortgage. The mortgage Co is Halifax.
  8. Hi Guys and Galls, I have received a "restriction against the land" letter from my local land registry which in itself, isn't the problem here. In an nutshell, my ex lives in my house with the mortgage in both her and my name. Is it possible for her to obtain credit which is secured against the house without my signature? Paul.
  9. Nice one! Once again, the clock is ticking......tick...tock...tick...tock...
  10. Hi everyone, I've had not communication from CP+, other than another demand for money. It's basically the same document as before with an additional £40 admin fee and "Legal Action Pending" in big letters. For some reason, the Manage Attachments button isn't working, so I can't upload a copy. Should I ignore this? It's beginning to get boring. Paul.
  11. There is no 10-digit POPLA ref. There is a 13-digit Charge Notice Ref No (blanked out on the above) - nothing else. Other than the above letter and email, I haven't received anything else.
  12. Hi there everyone, Despite me sending the email of appeal, I still got the attached (if it's worked) demand. Look familiar? It's pretty much a carbon copy of the original demand. I have now received the following... "Thank you for your email. We can confirm that you appeal has been carefully considered and rejected. If you wish to take this further then you can now appeal to POPLA. We will hold this Charge at the current rate of £50 for a further 14 days from the date of this correspondence. Your faithfully, CP Plus Limited." So then lovely people, what's my next step? Paul.
  13. Good morning to you all, I have had the attached "Charge Notice" drop through my door. I have not had anything parking related for a few years and from looking at the advice on this WONDERFUL forum, I believe that the "just ignore it" may no longer apply. So, can anyone advise on what should I be doing with this to make it go away? Many thanks, Paul.
  14. I bought a car a few weeks ago, which after a couple of weeks, refused to start. The dealer was very good and agreed to have the car back without argument. The car was recovered back to him at his expense. However, that was now over two weeks ago and I've yet to see the money in my bank and he's now stopped replying to my messages.The car is now readverted on his website. What's my next step? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. P.
  15. I see your point about the logbook, but it's really not my problem if it's worthless to him. It's not my fault that he sold me a dud car. I'm not in a hurry for my money back, so I'll happily wait for the logbook. As for getting it off my drive, I'm sure the dealer will have his own opinion on who should shoulder the responsibility. As I've rejected the car,I'm also rejecting all responsibility for it so I think it's his job to fetch it.
  16. Good morning, I have rejected my new (used) car after less than two weeks of ownership. The dealer has been good about this and accepted this rejection. However, he is refusing to give me my money back until the logbook turns up. Is this acceptable or should I push this? On top of this, because it now won't start, who is responsible for getting it back to the dealer? Me or the Dealer? Paul.
  17. Thank you very much. I'll get a dispute raised and update accordingly. Paul.
  18. Rightio, I didn't want to go bad-mouthing a company unnecessarily. http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/osram-66240-xenarc-d2s-35w-hid-xenon-replacement-bulb-pair-e-mark-made-in-germany/?src=prn#ProductTabs This is the item and I paid for it through Paypal. Paul.
  19. Hi everyone, I've bought a pair of headlamp bulbs, but only one was in the packaging when it arrived. The packaging hadn't been tampered with and it looked like initially, only one was packed. Despite 3 emails in the last week, the online retailer is not answering my calls or emails. What can I do about this? Any help will be appreciated. Paul.
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