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  1. Just received a settlement for the FULL amount plus court costs plus interest!!! ( over £2,000 ) They sent two letters on the same day. 1st said that they will be defending the case in court. 2nd said that "without prejudice" they offer to refund the full amount + interest + court costs. I think the banks are slowly and reluctantly.....starting to understand that the courts are getting sick to death of them. Determination
  2. Yes I absolutely agree with what you say. The problem being for me now id that having worn my daughters down, I am now handling three concurrent cases, and it's a fair old task. I many ways I hope that they refuse our comprimise offer......because it will be even more evidence for the eventual court case. I guess you just have to go with your instincts in this. But the advice is always very welcome. Cheers
  3. Well Done Diamond! And thanks for sharing your experience too. When was it that you settled? Was it fairly recently?
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. God knows we need it don't we! Cheers
  5. It has been transferred to our local court from the Online centre because Lloyds TSB "contest" the claim. I am not sure at what point these AQ's are sent. Do you know? Are the sent when the claim is first lodged, or when the court sets a date for a hearing? Thanks for the link. I am looking at it now.
  6. In order to support and advise my daughter I would be interested in any advice regarding Lloys TSB's current delay tactics. We initiated the claim in March. After no response from them we entered a claim in the court recovery service. They then waited until the last day of their time to respond, and then contested the claim. They then were given extra time in which to lodge their defence, and again waited until the last day to do that. Their defence seems to be a standard response which they must be lodging in all cases. Our case has now been re-allocated to a local court and we have received the first notification of this. As the court has asked if the matter could not still at this stage be settled without a court hearing, we have written to Lloyds TSB to propose a comprimise which would avoid a further burden on the courts system. ie: if they agree to promptly meet the claim for penalty charges in full, we will not pursue the interest on the amount, or the costs incurred to date. Either way they choose to go I think we will be quite happy. a) if they settle, then all the delay and inconvenience is finished. b) If they choose to continue, then at least the court will see that WE have tried to be reasonable with Lloyds TSB, and reach a comprimise agreement. The letter will of course form part of our court bundle when that day comes. We have also stated that this comprimise offer is not subject to any further offers or negotiation; it must be either accepted.... or the court procedings go ahead as scheduled. Have others done this or something similar? What has been your experience?
  7. I am just taking over the paperwork in a claim against Nationwide to help my daughter out. They have initially sent the requested data quite promptly, and I have calculated the amount of the claim. She held the account from 2001 to 2003 when it was closed by her. I am now putting together the letter claiming the refund, and wonder what other people's experiences have been in similar circumstances with Nationwide.
  8. I am just in the process of taking over the paperwork for my daughter's claim against Abbey. Why? Because they have driven her to the point of despair and depression. ( even more than the depression of having first taken thousands of pounds from her over the years! ) They delayed, prevaricated, and downright ignored her claim. After 4 months she received one years most recent statements. Then after a long and sometimes very unpleasant communication with over 2 months she received 18 months microfiche copies from the first two years of her account. Leaving a large block of two years in the middle that they have still not provided. Because they have worn her down in a cold and calculated way...she can not carry on with it. So I am determined that they will be made to pay for their callous and cynical practices. I am now preparing a claim for the amount we currently have evidence for, and am informing Abbey that the remaining ( substantial ) charges will be claimed at a later date, when they comply with the law and provide the data required. Having read many of the threads from others, I am convinced that Abbey must be by far the most despicable of banks. When all this nonesense over charges is eventually finished... I think that there should be a further campaign to persuade ALL customers to withdraw ALL business from them! If customers could be persuaded to do this in their thousands, or hunderds of thousands.......Abbey could be brought to it's knees, and ruin; as they have done to so many good people themselves!!! If anybody has any advice from their own experiences I would be very grateful for possible other ways forward.
  9. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the advice, and will do that.
  10. Thank you for that. I am dealing with Lloyds TSB, Abbey and Nationwide. They are all at various stages...and I'm picking up the threads to move them on.
  11. Hello there. I am fairly new to the site, and am now in the process of taking over the action against three banks to recover penalty charges for my daughters. I have watched over many months as the banks have gradually ground down my daughters' resolve, and made them so stressed that they have actually become unwell. I am currently sorting out all the correspondence to these banks, and preparing for ANY eventuality which may come along. This has been dragging on since the beginning of the year, and the banks have engaged in EVERY kind of delay, and underhanded tactic in the book ( or should I say....CERTAINLY NOT IN THE BOOK ). When challenged about their inactivity they send letters saying that they have written repeatedly and received no response....so therefore cannot procede with matters. As if people would embark upon this ordeal....and then not respond to letter from the banks!!! You name it...they've done it. How the particular bank staff who are dealing with these matters can sleep at night I will never know. I hope that as the cases progress I can call upon others with more knowledge and experience to advise me. I am indeed DETERMINED that these white collar rouges will not frighten my daughters out of proceding with their very justified claims. Regards, DETERMINED By the way, what is the point of the Data Protection Act, when the banks ignore it with impunity?
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