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  1. Help!! I'm sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but I cant find it if it has. I'm divorced and am claiming back charges from HSBC for the old joint account which is now closed. The bank have made an offer (over 2000.00) but my Ex wont sign as he wants to look into it 1st - and I only have 10 days to reply. I've done all the work and have said we could split it 50/50. Very fair considering he owes me over 400.00 He wants copies of all my letters and will then think about it after taking advice!! The account was either to sign and I know he's entitled to
  2. Thanks for the posts. Ive searched high and low for legislation relationg to this but to no avail
  3. -both I and my Ex have accounts with them still. I'm loath to give him 1/2 because he owes me money from the divorce and is not communicating with me so i'm sadly having to go through the small claims court to get it from him.
  4. Hi all Apologies if this question has lready been asked - have searched forum but can't find the answer - maybe I'm looking in wrong place!! Am claiming back charges from HSBC on 3 accounts one of which is now closed and was a joint account held with my ex-husband (current account either to sign type). I've just sent the 2nd letter stating their response was unsatisfactory... (they will investigate...) My questions are: 1. Do the bank have to get his permission before (hopefully) paying out? 2. Do the bank or will the bank notify I am claiming the charges? 3. Is my Ex
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