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  1. go to NAT WEST FORUM http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/
  2. sorry i didnt see this They say that they can't send a signed Credit Agreement copy as there wasn't one, and this is an overdraft so is not covered by the CCA 1974 how can they prove the debt is yours if u havent signed a cca???
  3. CCCS can only ask them to freeze charges ect the banks are not obliged as its in the terms and conditions, i am with cccs i got some charges back from NAT WEST they didnt freeze the account i paid them what i owed then closed the account.
  4. tedsbird you seam to be getting some crap i sent for a CCA i got a reply saying they will pay me £380 goodwill ect took it of my account , they have froze intrest ect, so im only paying balance off , ru with CCCS - send cca letter to Steve Bailey Head of Customer Advocate Office Chester Business park Chester CH4 9FB DONT BOTHER RINGING THEM UP
  5. listen dont worry about going to court as it will cost them more to do that your best option is to pay via a debt plan like i have with CCCS - phone 0845 272 5400.
  6. i had had a credit card with Nat west cards triton took over it , i stopped paying as i went to cccs inthe meantime triton passed it onto intrum justitia , ive been paying my balance through a debt managment plan . if you want to know more just ask about claiming
  7. MAV75 ive just dealt with these sold the debt to judisica go to CCCS - they will set a debt budget plan
  8. HALIBUNNY they send the refund to the DCA as it is to pay off the debt ,MBNA have just done that with mine .
  9. six chimneys is way out the gate in the center,or escobar near argos not far from westgate if peeps are going by train..
  10. it only costs a £11.25 to Kings cross from Wakefield GNER.co.uk > GNER > Online train tickets for travel to London, York, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow buy them in singles .
  11. hello im after my old charges from master credit cards, as any 1 got the address for southend as it as been with DCA INTRUM JUSTIA FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS THANKS FOR YOUR HELP..
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