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  1. Allowing DCA's to come onto this forum is a very sad day for CAG. A totally inaccurate analogy is being drawn between allowing DCA's onto CAG with other, legitimate companies such as Vodaphone. Let's be absolutely clear that companies such as Vodaphone wish to resolve directly the complaints of their end-user customers who are you and me. For a DCA, their customers are the banks and credit card companies that sold them the debt or agreed to pay a fee for collection, by whatever means usually. So there is no basis whasoever, for comparing a customer-focused company such as Vodaphone with a DCA. DCA's collect on behalf of their Clients or themselves and are totally without care or scruples, many of us can vouch for that. They operate on the fringes of the law and cause misery to thousands of people on a daily basis. Many on here have been subject to abuse from DCA's and many, many more, who have not found CAG have little or no knowledge of their rights so continue to live in ignorance and fear. By allowing DCA's to post here and essentially tout for business is not what CAG was established to do, moreover it will serve no purpose other than to allow Lowell et al to do their job with greater ease and with a captive audience. Well done CAG management, you may as well become a DCA. I would imagine this will push donations down even further, but then maybe Lowell et al can donate a percentage they get from this forum.
  2. I was asking you, having read your previous threads.
  3. No problem Cas. It is probably best to do it yourself, you then have control and it really is not that difficult. All the infomation, resources and help is available here on CAG!
  4. They are a claims management company and you would be best advised to do it yourself. Plus that state on their site that they are not taking on any new cases and have been a bit naughty having had their license suspended. See: ---------- Dear Clients, Great News, Kerobo's ministry of justice license suspension has been lifted. Follow this link to verify on the MOJ's website. Following a lot of hard work alongside the Ministry of Justice we have had our license suspension lifted. We have made an undertaking to the Ministry of Justice that we will process all existing claims to the standard that is expected of an authorised claims management company but that we will not take on any new business, so unfortunately if you have not already signed up we won't be able to help you. ------------- Not sure about the "Great News" bit though..........
  5. As Beachy said, your reference and name/address can be seen on this document and Amex and their sols monitor CAG. Brachers are being very cocky here, no doubt spurned on by some recent cases. Did you recieve a DN for these accounts? Please also confirm that they are credit cards and not charge cards?
  6. Thanks Pinky, I see your point wrt a multi agreement.
  7. Hi Pinky, can you elaborate please? I have the same format of agreement (replace HBOS with Sainsburys Bank plc). The loan details are separate and in a box - why are the prescibed terms wrong?
  8. Dear baba I should also have mentioned that the bank may sell the debt to a DCA who may continue to add interest, so your plan may fail there. You should consider going onto a debt management plan and may be able to get zero or reduced interest that will allow you to pay off the capital. I would not say that your suggestion is crazy, just that there are some alternatives that you should consider and potentially cheaper and less risky. If it were me, and I just had that one debt then I would write to them and offer a repayment plan and request zero interest. If you don't ask......you don't get. I would also suggest that you read the threads on Virgin Credit Cards, there may be some information that could be of use. Good luck! Monty
  9. Pinky. Why do you consider the DN to be "unlawful"?
  10. You may well be correct Pinky, I will update on what I get back from CQ.
  11. That was my suggestion. CapQuest now own the debt so are not acting as a DCA. It would be useful to know what they have in their system, I suspect that this debt was sold as a job lot by HBOS back in December along with mine. I have been expecting CQ to litigate but they seem to be hesitating at the monent, not sure why given their mode of operation on other threads. For £10 it is money well spent............
  12. Well, if you follow through this scenario you will get a CCJ and if you default on that then they will enforce this through Bailiffs. It will also trach your credit record for at least 6 years. Alternatively you may want to try to negotiate a full and final settlement. You can always reclaim back the charges through the FOS or court action so this may bring down the total balance. When was the card taken out? have you asked for a copy of your agreement using S78(1) of the CCA? The law is very different in Scotland, but the same CCA and SI's are used, just the Civil Litigation process is different, also we don't have CPR in Scotland and disclosure is easier with respect to agreements and key documents.
  13. HBOS no longer own the debt, it was purchased by CapQuest, you may wish to SAR both.
  14. Hi Pinky I have the same DN, why do you think it is "unlawful"?
  15. At this point I would just send off the SAR to CrapQuest, they have just received mine so will be busy......... I am in the same situation as yourself but with Sainsburys Bank who are jointly owned by HBOS. My agreement and DN are signed by the same people as your HBOS documents, only you agreement has charges defined whereas mine does not. You may have an angle with the PPI, and also need to check that the APR is correct. If you can hold this off until it becomes statute barred then this would be your best course of action IMO. I would look to see if you can bring a case against them for PPI or any charges and this would remove any ability for them to bring an action and give you some time. Just a thought.........
  16. Do you know if your debt has also been sold to CrapQuest? You should request all your documents under a SAR to see what they have. Both the agreement and DN look okay to me.
  17. Hi Shearerbigtoe I would think you are due substantial damages for their error, see: Richard Durkin v DSG Retail Limited and HFC Bank plc, (Judgement of Sheriff J.K. Tierney, Sheriffdom of Grampian Highland and Islands at Aberdeen (A187/04)
  18. Hi Oli/Ida This is an Ordinary Cause action, so yes the costs could be high if it goes to a legal debate or Proof/Proof Before Action. Crocdoc has made some good suggestions which make sense BUT in order to help further could you please confirm the following. 1. What type of debt this is: credit card, loan, secured/unsecured? 2. What are your dates for submitting a defence, final adjustments to the Record and Options hearing? 3. What correspondance you have had with the original creditor/DCA and what payments have been made. 4. Have you an agreement? 5. Was a default notice served? 6. Has a termination notice been served? 7. Have you undertake an SAR on the original creditor? 8. Can you post up the exact details of their writ? Please let us know any other relevant information that will help draft a defence. I have won two Ordinary Cause actions, both for credit cards and one small claims, all settled prior to legal debate. Regards Monty
  19. Well Martin, I will have my day in court with them in mid August, I am really looking forward to it....
  20. Hi Martin Now you mention it, their responde to my SAR was very poor, no statements and just a few screen prints. They did however show 3-4 calls a day to my mobile over a two month period.......
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