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  1. should i wait until the court case is over though before sending the N1?
  2. Hi Tilly I did reciee a letter from them saying how all claims were on hold because of he court case. What is an N1?
  3. Hi Tilly Thanks for your reply I got as far as getting my bank statements, adding up what they owed me and sent the letter back requesting me getting the money back. It took about 3 months to receieve my bank statements!!
  4. Hi Does anybody know if this court case is over yet? ive been claiming back bank charges since June last year, and was told all claims had been put on hold. Do you think i will be entitled to ever get my money back!??
  5. Hi Many Thanks for your replies, I shall send off my 3rd and hopefully final letter tomorrow! Do you know which address is the best to send to? Is it the Trinity Road, Halifax? Thanks again
  6. Hello I wrote to the Halifax back on the 3rd March asking for copies of my bank statements going back 6 years, together with a cheque for £10, or to offer me a settlement of all bank charges owing back to me. I receieved a letter back from them almost 7 weeks later saying that my request was being processed and that i would receive my statments within 2 weeks. Its now been 3 months and i have had nothing!, i have since sent another letter of complaint but still i have had no reply. What shall i do next?
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