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  1. Hey you guys I tentatively started the process of taking on Yorkshire Bank to get my money back last year with the help of you guys.I had a little bit of belief and a lot of hope.I tend to get on my high horse about things like unfair bank charges and a few of my friends and family laughed at me taking on the bank and sending them "threatening" letters.Well, we have been vindicated.Clydesdale have given me my money back,£1,860 in total.I sent the first two letters and got the standard replies.I was worried about taking it through court and went through the Ombudsman and following a recent T.V. programme Clydesdale agreed to give me my money back a few days later.So thanks you guys and good luck to everyone still waiting.You will be successful as the Banks are running scared....Rab
  2. Hello Just to let you know that Yorkshire Bank, which is part of Clydesdale have settled with me the full amount of £1,860.I sent the first two letters but was a bit worried about going through court so I then went through Ombudsman and following a recent T.V. programme Yorkshire offered me my money back.They are running scared.Best of luck to everyone still waiting. Rab...
  3. Once again thanks for your help...
  4. OK. Thats helpful but how do I go about it?.What should be my next move and do you have any idea of initial cost roughly.thanks.I don't want to let them get away with it...
  5. That's great,I have already sent 2 letters to my bank,the second being a notice of action. They replied with stock letters both times.I think it might be costly to start court proceedings and don't know how or where to begin so I have sent complaint to financial ombudsman...
  6. Anybody having any luck with Yorkshire bank.I don't want to go as far as court proceedings but would like some of my fees returned...
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