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  1. Well done, Dickeggsy. You got there in the end. Long fight but well worth it eh? Enjoy your money once you get it. You've been an inspiration to loads of people on this site and you deserve every penny you get back. Now go get that pint! Lol Keriat x
  2. Hi Thailand, I think all in all it took around 6 months, but definitely worth the wait. New suite was delivered yesterday! Lol Keri
  3. At last, the long awaited cheque has arrived. (It's made out from the court.) Hubby's already deposited it in our account so our new suite is being delivered on Monday. Definitely cracking open the champagne as soon as I get home (which will be in about 15 minutes). Huge thanks to all who've given me help, advice and inspiration. You're all stars and I only wish I could buy every one of you a large drink. Lol Keri
  4. Yesterday they were settling claims with a court date of 9th March so it won't be long before they contact you but it won't hurt to give them a nudge with a phone call.
  5. Hi Eric, Send your letter to:- Barclays 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP Good luck! Keri
  6. Hi all, Just received an email from the court saying that they sent our money to us yesterday (by cheque I think). We haven't received it today so hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, will receive it tomorrow. Happy days! Keri
  7. Hi Sachie, Just wanted to welcome you and wish you good luck with your claim (although you won't need it). Plenty of great people at this site to offer you help and advice if you need it. Go get em! Keri
  8. Hi Sal, It cost us £55 but it's added to the amount Barclays ahve to pay you so you get it back. If you want to please have a look at my thread Judgment against Barclays in Barclays successes. Good luck Keri
  9. Hi Sal, we entered a judgment by default as Barclays didn't enter a defence against our claim either. The court don't write to Barclays asking if they intend to defend but they do send them correspondence informing them that a judgment has been entered against them. You will have had to state when you want Barclays to pay you on the judgment request (I hope you said immediately). It normally takes a couple of days for the judgment to be issued but as soon as it has it says so on MCOL, and if you haven't received your money back, then request a warrant. You can do this online too. Exactly
  10. Congrats on your win but don't accept just yet. Give them a call on 020 7116 5634 and I bet they'll offer you the other £200. It's your money, get back every penny! Enjoy! lol keriat
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the messages. Made me laugh about claiming 8% from the Court whilst they have our money. I don't know who the cheque's made out from but I'll certainly let you know WHEN we receive it. It's absolutely disgraceful isn't it and like you say they're obviously earning interest on it too. I understand that the CCJ will be against Barclays for the next 6 years and am a little surprised not to hear anything from them after we haven't signed their letter to remove the CCJ. You're right about Barclays being the most troublesome, Sob1, I've told everyone I know about re
  12. Hi all, well still not received our money yet. I've just contacted the Court who say that they have to 'keep' the money for 2 weeks before they can release it to us. They received the cheque from Barclays on 15th February so you would think that they would release it to us on 1st March wouldn't you? No, apparently they only have one release day each week which is a Wednesday so they're keeping it for another week, they say they'll release it next Wednesday on 7th March and send it to us next Thursday. Hopefully we'll get it on Friday. Then we have to wait for it to clear. Just someone el
  13. Is that right about the bank not being able to offer financial services if they have a CCJ against them? Wow, didn't realise it was that serious to be honest. We've still not heard a peep from them asking where the letter is to get the CCJ removed. Must be that they're so busy with all the claims. I've sent the details of our claim to the thread asking for stories for the media and have received a message back saying they'll contact us if a reporter is interested.
  14. Hi BJ, just want to wish you all the best with your impending op. Wishing you a speedy recovery and look forward to following your thread when you feel up to updating it. Keriat
  15. Good idea. When I phoned it was pretty obvious that they were really busy with all the claims against them. With any luck Barclays will forget to enter defences against everyone else and they too can win by default rather than have the hassle of producing their court bundles only to have the banks settle at the last minute.
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