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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. We got a letter through this morning from my husbands work to tell him that he had a parking fine for £77. This was for parking outside a pizza hut for more than the time allowed. At the time of this he was driving a lease car and we knew nothing of this until the letter this morning. His work have stated in the letter that the fine will be taken out of his next pay!!! Is there anything we can do about this?
  3. Have just opened an account with Natwest, just waiting on the paperwork to come through! thanks guys!
  4. Hi, i dont know about the charges but i am going to find out about them. I am going to open another account so they cant grab anymore. I have just come off the phone to them again but this time didnt blow my top at them! I explained to them about the children and they have agreed to pay the money back and reactivate my account so i can pay the money in on line. I think i was ready to kill! lol Thank you for the help as always!
  5. I am fuming with them! thats an understatement really but cant put on here what i really think of them! I went into an unauthorised overdraft to which they kept adding charges too. This amounted to almost £600 and they closed the account. I also have a basic account with them. Anyway to cut a long story short last month they cleared my basic account of all money to pay some of the overdraft. This left me with £1.50 to feed 5 children as well as the other household bills. I set up an agreement with them and they then gave me back most of the money. I am 2 weeks late on the agree
  6. My husband keeps getting calls from these people but they refuse to say who they are and just say its a personal matter. We received a letter from them a couple of weeks ago which said it was to do with a capitol one debt. This debt i know for a fact is way over 8 years old and statute barred. Should i just keep ignoring them or send off for a CCA?
  7. It does indeed make you wonder, surely they must realise that people are becoming a bit more wise to them now! Might just hassle them for it anyway to give me something to do!!!!!
  8. Oh im not worried about the so called threat from Equita, just glad that they are off my back. One question though, i know that they have overcharged me by about £60. Now that they case has been handed back to the council can i ask for it back or is it better to wait until the whole outstanding amount is paid back?
  9. Oh i could jump for joy!!!! After a few letters being sent to Equita saying that i would only deal with the council i received a letter from them this week saying due to them not being able to identify goods they would be refering it back to my local council who have the power to imprision me! Well i am paying the council directly anyhow so cant see that happening. But at least i know i can relax now knowing the scumbags wont come round! Yay 1-0 to me i think!!!! hehe
  10. Hi, these fees are not going to be charged to you every month. These are the fees incurred whilst listing the item as well as the final sellers fees.
  11. Best thing to do is phone the council and ask them how much they have received. Then you also know how much the LO was for.
  12. Im having the same thing since requesting my credit report, had 2 letters come through last week both from the original people but included inside was a letter from the DCAs saying that they now had the debt!
  13. I dont mind that the charges have been deducted from the amount, what has annoyed me more is the fact he has put more on. He thinks that he is dealing with a woman that doesnt know what bailiffs can and cant charge. I know that they have only been here twice so that means charges of £42.50. He has never and will never get into my house although one of the letters has said that they have identified goods in my house! I have written a letter to them and have also kept it very professional. I will not put up with the harrasment from a small minded bully who is after a christmas bonus!!
  14. haha, the penny has finally dropped! think i am having a very blonde day! and yes i am subscribed to that certain site - just to keep an eye on things!
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