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  1. hi got letter saying the following "the office of fair trading has published new guidelines on credit card / bank default charges. We're still talking it through with them, but the most important point is that the guidelines are about "default" charges that people pay when they break an agreement with us. That doesnt apply to your charges, as these were for dealing with your request to go over your overdraft limit. They are not default charges because you have not broken your agreement. These are our prices for the service we provide in these situations" naturally this is not the angle used when you goto the bank and you are "fined" cos your wages went in late etc, they simply say youve gone over your limit £25 charge. which simply depending on the teller you get refunded if they are having a good day or you know them well. it always been very inconsistent in my experience. has anyone else had this reply letter. whats the next stage of play please. i didnt request to go over my limit. i went over my limit like everyone else, i think we are playing with definitions here to bore me and make me discontinue. thoughts?
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