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  1. hi in 2005 i took a loan with egg and was specifically told that i could have the loan IF i took the ppi. i wrote to them a few weeks ago asking for transcripts of the call so i could prove it, and recieved a reply this morning saying that they don't profess to record all calls, have no recording of the call and that there is no way that their agents would do such a thing etc etc. my problem is what do i do now. just complain to the financial ombudsman or what? thANKS, NEIL
  2. hi i bought a lg plasma from currys less than a year ago and the tv has broken down. to get lg to fix it i need my receipt but i cant find it. i dunno what my rights are here, any ideas? hellcatter:confused:
  3. hi i requested my statements from halifax about 60 days ago but havent recieved them. they just sent a reply saying due to volume of requests there is a delay, blah, blah...what should i do now? thanks, hellcatter
  4. hi im new to all this but have been reading up on it for a few days. in 8 months a&l have stung me for over 800 quid. ive written to halifax requesting 6 years of charges/statements for an account i dont really use anymore and i know itll come to over a grand at least. with all the media about banks starting to win cases id rather let a third party in the form of a claims company handle things in case it goes to court. can anyone recommend one? does it matter that i live in northern ireland, or do the companies cover all of the uk (ive emailed a few but no reply yet).
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