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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I also applied for my Capital one Card online in 2005 is it still likely to be uneforceable given I applied on this way? I cant rememeber wether or not I was posted an agreement to sign after applying or if I it it was just a tick box to say I agree to all the terms etc. (As good as a signiture). I was also considering applying for disclosure via a court as it seems a lot of people get sent blank copies not the signed document. Also that its hard to get them to say if they have a copy of the agreement. The way I understand it if they cant produce a signed copy o
  2. I have two credit cards one with Capital One with a £4000.00 limit currently with a balance owed of £1990.00 approx. I opened this account on 22/12/2005 (applied online). Also I have a Virgin Credit card also applied online with a £6000.00 limit and a balance of about £5400.00 this was openened 27/2/2008 I have drafted letters to both which I will be posting soon however I was just wondering if someone could help guide me through the process of finding out if the agreements are enforcebable. As my Capital one is an older card im assuming that there is a chance that it may n
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