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  1. Hello, Just thought I would pop in and share my good news. Whilst away on holiday I received a letter (well 2 letters actually) from [problem]. The first explaining " without prejudice " that Lloyds were entitled to make the charges, but looking to the future any sort of disagreement/conflict was not good for them or the customer. The other letter consisting of two pages. On page one that the bank was going to defend itself. The second page saying that they were willing to pay me the sum of £1253.00 which is the exact amount I am claiming. I have accepted this and am now awaiting the amount to
  2. Hi again, just took my amended POC's to the court today. Ive got a question that is bugging me though. If and when I have to put a bundle together would it be helpful to include any letters I have received from Lloyds that state the charges they are taking from me? You know the ones that state if you pay in enough money by the end of banking on the day you went overdrawn you wont be charged. The same letter states that you will be charged £30.00 for each day you remain over your limit for a maximum of 3 days. My reason for asking this is that Lloyds defence seems to be that they are charging y
  3. Just a quick question, as Im doing an amendment to my particulars of claim for my interest calculations do I include them as up to now or as when i put my original N1 form in? Cheers Geoff
  4. Hi Christina, I tried doing that no luck. So I made my own up using the charges calculator on moneysavingexpert.com. Im quite proud of myself it looks very professional! Thanx anyway. Cheers Geoff
  5. Hi again, Im trying to work out these spreadsheets at the minute and to be honest Im finding it impossible. Ive saved the copy from the link (the simple one) but as for filling it in Im at a total loss. How am i supposed to work out the days since offence? Or does it work everything out for you? Please help. Cheers Geoff
  6. Could someone please explain to me how I cut and paste? Cheers Geoff
  7. Hi all, just received a defence from Lloyds today. As I was expecting my POC's are to vague. Do I now send in my amended particulars and go back to the waiting game? Or should I start putting my bundle together? Cheers Geoff
  8. Hey thanks for that Diamond, Iv printed them off. Like you say better than nowt. Thanks again. Geoff
  9. Any help with T&C's would be really helpful. I need them from Dec 98 for the classic account if possible. Thanks Geoff
  10. I have been into my branch of Lloyds today to request a copy of the T&Cs from when i opened my account on 11/12/98. I was told that they would look for me but the lady I spoke to seemed to think that they were only kept for 6 years. Does anybody know if this is true?
  11. I beleive that part of my bundle needs to be my t c from when i opened the account. Since I opened the account I have upgraded to a select account and then downgraded again to the classic account. Does this make any difference or do i just need my t c from when I opened it? Also any ideas where I can get hold of these t c? Thanks Geoff
  12. I have just spoke to the court and they confirmed that the defence was received on June 4th. Also asked about changing my particulars and he said he was emailing me the relevant documentation. Is now the time for me to start putting mt bundle together?
  13. I would be grateful if you coul point me in the direction of the type of things i need to include in my bundle, as to be honest i do not have a clue. Cheers Geoff
  14. Thanks for your help, looking through my paperwork i have receved an acknowledgment of service, but no defence. The 28 day deadline passed on Sunday. Does this mean i can enter judgment by default?
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