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  1. but you would end up getting a default on your credit file Write to their head office, get itemised bills, raise a complaint, tell them how you want them to resolve it
  2. Try looking at the phone messages to see what texts have been sent & received. It should show what this was for. MX telecom might just be charging on behalf of one of their clients.
  3. It could be for premium texts that they send & then bill you for until you text "STOP" to them! Google mx telecom, have a read, then complain to the telecomms watchdog I don't see why you can't complain to Orange too, if it's for receiving premium rate texts then presumably these weren't received & should have been bounced by Orange if the account was suspended. Surely suspended means suspended, as in can't run up further costs. If Orange have accepted some, they should pay
  4. The SAR would show any bills that were sent out. Phone companies do seem to send their final bills to a DCA instead of in the post! Perhaps it's revenge for leaving them
  5. I would send the one liner denying liability to them or their clients. Then they can't legitimately pass this on to a DCA (which is what they are really saying that they will do as their next step)
  6. This is from Jan 2006, is that before the regs changed? The signature is on page 2 with T&Cs on pages 3 & 4. Enforceability might apply here, although that isn't a guarantee, it might give some leverage. If it becomes difficult to collect from your BF, they might go after his ex instead ... There's nothing wrong with your BF telling them where his ex lives, if he starts paying, they will most likely come after him for the lot. Take a look at the link in post 5 - it might apply
  7. Possibly after she has received a restraining order or a claim for damages following the breach ... ?
  8. They don't seem to be preventing or detecting crime. Is it a crime to be masquerading as part of the criminal justice system?
  9. The best advice is usaully to respond with a one line reply "I deny any liability to you or your clients". Send second class from a post office, getting a certificate of posting. Then ignore all future letters (you can post here if they worry you). Meanwhile, don't do it again.
  10. Are we sure that the store has the right to share personal data with RLP for either an under 18, anyone who did not sign anything or anyone who signed under duress? After all RLP are not solicitors and the involvement of RLP is not necessary for the completion of any contract etc ...
  11. Your credit files would indicate if O2/Lowell had succeeded in getting a sneaky CCJ without your noticing - check them first - an online free trial is quickest but if you go for one that charges then remember to cancel within the free time
  12. Obviously O2 should have contacted you about this in 2007. It is more than 6 years since the last communication, bill payment etc. I would write to Lowell & tell them that O2 are mistaken, that you owe them nothing and not to contact you again. Then O2 - the same apart from adding that they should have written in 2007 and not over 6 years later (use the phrase "over 6 years later" - the penny might drop. I would send 2nd class but get a certificate of posting If you want more direct letters, look through some of Bazooka Boos posts - his letters are very good & to t
  13. It depends on whether you have paid anything or acknowledged the debt since. The 6 year clock starts from when the OC would have realised that they weren't going to get paid, not the invoice date.
  14. If they are being picky about language, it says UK calls to mobiles & landlines, not UK calls to UK landlines & mobiles ...
  15. Just re-read post 1 If they claim that the CSA is an independent body that will consider complaints then you know that they are chancers
  16. Save some ink & stick to the one-liner. Then they can't say that they haven't been informed should they try farming out to a DCA. (their option 2 "for cases where there is no dispute") They read this forum so they know the rest. Any reference to 6 years is probably how long they will keep your details if you do pay up, after all, they will take your paying as an admission of guilt. If Primark had any claim then they would have informed the CPS & it would have been included in the court's determination. Unfortunately for RLP, their "client's" losses were zero. Primar
  17. Are you sure that you are on a standard rate for your mortgage and all of this has not affected what the bank offered you?
  18. Are you sure that you are on a standard rate for your mortgage and all of this has not affected what the bank offered you?
  19. What did they say "no" to? Remember that they are almost certainly overcharging you for the service that they did not provide. If it's fully itemised bills that you haven't received, tell them that you can't pay items not billed to you that you have not had an opportunity to verify. If about paying them in general, they would most likely bank post-dated cheques immediately with most bouncing or even being allowed through
  20. I wonder what the magistrate's view would be if a defendant were to suggest that they had already been dealt with via the private court system (which is what RLP appear to act as) and that the proper courts were "double jeopardy"
  21. Tell the bank and CPW to do it NOW. Cash from CPW or chargeback from your bank / credit card. Did you get the manager involved? It's not just that you don't want it, they have provided something that you didn't agree to and taken money that was not authorised I would act very quickly on this.
  22. So now RLP are running ahead of any criminal investigation and predicting the outcome or attempting to charge for something that the cpa / courts deem to be unwarranted.
  23. In the unlikely event that they did call, if they divulge any information to anyone else then they would be landing themselves in some very hot water. I think that even identifying themselves as a debt collector to someone else would be letting them know that you had debts (even imaginary ones as in this case)
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