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  1. Ah yes, I understand now. That's one of the workings that I've done, so I'm on the right track. Thank you for confirming that. It's the restitution argument that I'm trying to get my head around. I'll have a read of Shelley and Martin2006's threads. I read MrZ's thread and thought I'd understood but I'm not so sure now. Too much info in such a short space of time! Thanks again DX
  2. Hi dx! Long time no speak and thanks for dropping by. What's the ppi cm % calc? Also do you think it's worth an SAR as the account is 18 years old now and CitiFinancial are no longer, it's Canada Operations who deal with them now. I'll do it for the hell of it. On a side note, do you think it's worth claiming the penalty charges that they charged for late payments too? Thanks for your time.
  3. Thank you cups and Baz1994. I know that this is an old thread but I wanted to thank you both for your persistence. I've just successfully claimed PPI from Next and it was Phoenix Assurance that I dealt with. I'm just waiting for the payment to come through to my bank account. I was just browsing on the PPI forum to read about other Next successes and came across this thread. My thanks to you both is because I see that it was your persistence that helped establish: 1. Who claimants needed to contact to get redress 2. The PPI reclaims process for Next Of the claims that I have done so far, I found this one to be the easiest. I made my complaint via Resolver about 4 weeks ago, was contacted by Phoenix within 2 weeks and received my offer two days ago. Hope you're both well and got some good use out of your award!
  4. After lots of reading and research, I'm going to attempt to claim the PPI for a loan that I took out with The Associates, before they became a part of CitiFinancial Europe.A I was a student at the time with, two young children aged under 3 at the time. It was the first time I'd borrowed money and I took the loan out to help pay for their nursery fees after a mess-up with my Student finance. So glad those days are behind me now! They have recently paid out PPI for a credit card that I had with them. They stated that they couldn't find any details of the loan but would look at it again, if I sent them documentation relating to my account. I did - I found my credit agreement, a statement of account that showed all the payments that I had made on the account (bar the final one). I also found various letters that showed the Associates account number and the account number when Citi took over. I even have a letter informing me of the "exciting change" of their name change from Associates Capital Corporation to CitiFinancial Europe PLC, on 11 April 2003 Despite all this irrefutable evidence, they will not investigate my complaint any further as they cannot locate my account on their system. As the loan was taken out in 2000, it is out of scope for the FOS. Therefore my intention is to issue a claim through the small claims court. I'm going to need some help with calculations. This is because I have read about 4 different ways of calculating the redress and it's doing my head in! My figures are as follows Loan amount = £1050 Insurance = £400.17 Arrangement fee = 75.00 Interest rate was 3.020% APR 48.8% Any suggestions and/or help with calculations will be appreciated. I've had a stab at it and will post up what I've done shortly. Thanks in advance CAG family!
  5. Thanks Andy. I didn't forget, I just didn't realise that I still could submit one despite not having my request complied with. Can I not explain that to the court?
  6. Four years old but curious to know how you got on. I was in a similar situation last year. We use corporate Barclaycards. I applied and was successful. I think it's due to the company being the main account holder and all other cards issued are additional cards. I was very worried at the time of my application too but it went through fine.
  7. Yikes! I asked for docs under CPR 31.14 but it was ignored and Lowell got default judgement as I didn't put in a defence. I kinda lost track of the claim due to crap stuff happening at the time. I wonder if I might still be able to get a set-aside? I've asked the question on my thread here: What do you think?
  8. Hi all. It's been an absolute age since I last posted a case of my own here! Not sure if I stand a chance but really need some assistance before I make a set-aside application. I probably should have come here first when it was all going on but I had a very ill daughter to care for at the time. Lowell issued a claim allegedly for an old Capital One account in July this year. I did AOS by post and also requested inspection of docs under CPR 31.14. I didn't hear anything from them and wrote to them again reminding them of the request. They finally responded in August after they had obtained judgement in default as I hadn't submitted a defence. They stated that they hadn't received my requests (Edit) but as guesture of goodwill would seek the information from their client. It's since come to my attention that I should have submitted an "embarrassed defence" At the time my daughter was very ill in hospital and I was spending 10 hour days caring for her whilst she was there and then just as long when she was finally allowed home, so this one got away from me. To date they have sent a copy of a credit agreement from Capital One and some statements but they have not sent my the Notice of Assignment or Default Notice that I requested. Should I apply for a set-aside based on the fact that they didn't comply with my request? Any advice would be greatful appreciated. I've erring towards applying for a set-aside but £255 for the application is making my eyes water! Thanks in advance all.
  9. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?272699-Help-Filed-CPR-31.14-request-no-response-..-now-what-(3-Viewing)-nbsp&p=5157422#post5157422 How did you get on with this? I know it's been 7 years but I am curious!
  10. If done before 3.30pm, a Faster Payment transfer will hit your account on the same day. Not had any problem with my account. You get a sort code and account number (issued by Co-Op bank I believe) and the Mastercard Debit card is issued so you can do card payments and withdraw cash if required. Hope this helps. Dee.
  11. mtm0066 and PJ10, how have you got on with setting up your Cashplus accounts?
  12. Hi MindProject and welcome to CAG! It works no problem with Paypal, as you get given an account number and sort code. The name of the bank is APS Financial Ltd (needed when you link it to Paypal account). Regarding cash deposits, I don't take them. However, you could ask your clients to transfer the money to you (using the account number and sort code given with the account), or if you MUST accept cash, then they will have to deposit via the Post Office or another method see topping up link I am not a sales person for them! I am just sharing my experience of using them, as they saved my bacon when I couldn't initially get a Business Bank Account. May I ask who your personal bank account is with? If it's Lloyds, then you might just be able to get a Sole Trader account (see my experience in 2nd post).
  13. BUMPING to help get your thread noticed.
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