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  1. Have there been any instances whereby Barclays paid up on such claims (especially Additions) without causing all the hassle of writing numerous letters and filing a case against them? If not, does the law allow one to also claim compensation for all the wasted time and resources, as part of the main claim?
  2. Could I have the link to the thread/post on which I can find this letter? Cheers
  3. From what I know, both Graduate Additions and Higher Education are in fact graduate accounts, with the only difference being that the former charges £5 a month for added benefits whereas the latter charges no monthly fee and has pretty standard features. If you go to the Barclays website now, you will see this is the case. The transition, as per my understanding, is as follows: Student A/C -(graduation)-> Higher Education / Graduate Additions -(2-3 years)-> Current A/C I'm surprised that your Higher Education account has not turned into a normal current account, assuming y
  4. Hi, I'm writing on behalf of a mate of mine, who had a student account with Barclays while studying in the UK. Soon after completing his studies (in 2004), he left for an overseas job, leaving about £50 in his student account. His statements kept coming to his UK address, but it wasn't until recently that he checked one of these statements to find himself with a negative balance by a few hundred quid (about £450), with the account now titled "Barclays Bank Account", and with an overdraft interest being charged each month. It seems his student account was upgraded to the Graduate Addi
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