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  1. This is what I have told him. But it takes balls to stick up to these people and at the moment this is the first time that he has actually dealt with it as he has always assumed they were in the right. Thank Goodness for CAG.
  2. My OH has just had a converstaion with SRJ Debt Recoveries/ He rang to make his monthly payment of £50 but we asked for a settlement figure as a couple of months ago one nice lady made us an offer we were going to accept today of £232. Last minth we tried to accept it but some jobsworth said the offer was now £400 - I should coco. He rang again today to see if we could get that offer as we have still not received the CCA. They will be in breach tomorrow. The girl on the end of the phone said the best they could do was £323 today and we had until 9pm to decide. My OH reminded them about the CCA and they said" SRJ:"Oh we did not receive that until the 19th July" OH: No we sent it to you by Special Delivery - you received it and signed for it on the 10th. SRJ: No the computer says the 19th. OH: We sent it special delivery, you signed for it on the 10th. SRJ: Well we have requested it from the client and I cannot send you what we haven't got. OH: Unless we receive it by tomorrow morning you are in breach SRJ: In breach - who will be in breach? OH: your organisation SRJ: In breach of what? OH: The Consumer Credit Act - I suggest you speak to legal. SRJ: Silence OH: You cannot enforce the agreement until you have come up with the agreement. I think I had better wait until you provide me with the agreement then and not pay you anything tonight at all. SRJ: Fine then sir....click Obviously we should have paid something by the end of the month. OH says they will ring him seeking payment before the month end. any advice?
  3. Was worried about this cos could not stand the embarrassment if refused at the desk. Thaanks though. Fingers crossed.
  4. I'm trying to book a London hotel for mid August but I do not have a credit card. I have a VISA Debit card, but all hotel websites and agents stipulate that each of the hotels I have selected require a credit card at check in. Would a VISA debit card be appropriate, or what aboit one of these prepaid debit cards that look like credit cards e.g. Cashplus from the postoffice? Anyone any ideas cos I'm tearing my hair out.
  5. Did you ever report the fraud to the police? Its too late now to do that for a variety of reasons: credibility, and the fact the law has recently changed so that you have to report it to your bank and not the police who will do nothing!!! If you did report it, or even if you did not, CCA them and see if they can come up with the original agreements and you have a right to see them. Take it from there and challenge everything. I am sorry to hear of what has happened to you, it has clearly been a difficult issue for you to deal with over the years.
  6. It was purely the original application form. No APR etc on it. Jist all their personal details, mothers maiden name, job, income etc with YOU ARE APPROVED enblazened across the top of it and in small letters at the bottom " Agreement licensed under the Consumer Credit Act" etc etc.
  7. Blimey, you're good!!!!!! Amended accordingly. I was clearly way too polite.
  8. lemma1968

    Lemma V MBNA

    Sent them a humdinger of a letter stating how upset I was to receive someone else's details, amd where have mine gone? I was honest, lucky for the chap whose details I received, and could they give to me a written guarantee that none of my personal data has been sent out to a complete stranger. Said breach of Data Protection Act 1998, wanted complaints procedure and was considering a complaint to the Information Commissioners. Also decided to S,A.R them for good measure. Hope it might focus their minds. All agree? Monty and Rory on the DCA sections have been helpful too. Thanks to all and keep all crossed for me.
  9. Do not give them any reason, just cancel it with your bank and do an internet transfer or set up a standing order. So long as they are getting paid they should not be bothered how it is done.
  10. Drafted them a letter. It's quite long but effectively states how upset and worried I was by receiving someone else's conifidential information (and remain, I have no idea if they have sent my details to some dishonest toerag), they have still not complied with my request, and I'm considering reporting them to the Information Commissioner for breach of the DPA 1998 and I require a cpy of their complaints procedure. I have asked for a written guarantee that they have not passed my details on to another person. I also thought I would throw in my request for an S.A.R - subject access request too. Strike while the iron is hot. Does everyone agree?
  11. They sent my brother in law one of these "we have a parcel" letters. Fortunately my sister smelled a rat, came on here and their cover was blown. If they dare plunge to such depths to contact you, they probably would not lose much sleep over taking too much money out of your account. NEVER, EVER PAY A DCA BY DIRECT DEBIT!!!!!!...OR CHEQUE!!!!
  12. They are slippery little suckers.....you gotta watch them.
  13. Will do. Thanks Rory and Monty. I could quite enjoy this.....so long as no one nicks my identity.
  14. So my next move would be as described above by Monty?
  15. lemma1968

    Lemma V MBNA

    Sadly that point is not lost on me and I am a tad worried in light of an increase in I.D fraud etc. Should I write to the poor person whose form I have been sent and inform him? I'm really very unhappy and am stunned that an orgnaisation such a MBNA would allow this to happen...it seems to be qite common though throughout the industry. I am concerned that the number of times it seems to be happening is an indication of the level of disregard these institutions have for their clients.
  16. lemma1968

    Lemma V MBNA

    Update: Received a letter from MBNA with letter saying the usual - "Please find enclosed 1. Copy original CCA 2. Terms and Conditions, 3. Copy statement of July 07. The thing is it is NOT my CCA but belongs to some poor chap who lives in Cornwall. It looks like an application form but I have not read it fully cos it contains certain security details such as his name, address, profession, income, MOTHER's MAIDEN NAME etc etc.:o :o What should I do? Clearly they think they have complied....do i send it back,,,or a copy of it back and say Oi!!!
  17. Received a response from MBNA. "Please find enclosed 1. Copy CCA, 2. Terms and Conditions, 3. Copy statement of July. Unfortunately, the CCA is NOT mine - they have sent me someone else's details!!!!!!:o :o Some poor chap in Cornwall has had his CCA sent to me, it has security details such as mother's maiden name on etc and work details, income, address, date of birth. I have not looked at the rest yet, I was soooooooo amaxed by the fact that they had sent me someone else's details. What should I do then?
  18. This came up on another thread with MCS and hSBC again. It is complete c**p, especially when you consider that MCS are actually HSBC's IN-HOUSE debt collection company!!!!! I am sure someone else will confirm but this is a ruse as they cannot find the CCA. They still have to prove the ORIGINAL agreement or else they will not be able to prove how you breached it, or what the terms were that they will eventually be asking (maybe but doubtful) a court to enforce! The CCA clock is still ticking and they are in breach!
  19. "Wiseman" debt Collections - let's see how wise they are when they get involved with CAG members!!!! Pah! Bet they are as clued up as the rest on the law....get ready to rumble.
  20. :lol: :lol: Welcome back DMD - you have made my day!!!!
  21. Two choices....bin it, or keep it and tell him to report them to the OFT so they can lump it in with the rest of their complaints of bad practice.
  22. Quick update. MCS have returned our £1 p.o. saying that there is no charge for requesting a copy of our loan agreement and they have passed the request onto their client - i.e. HSBC. Lets see if they come up with the goods - they have until the 26th July to come up with it or they will be in breach.
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