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  1. Oh my Lord - you remember that without having watched it for years? Don't mak'em like they used to.
  2. Maybe you should ask a Mod to set up a sticky and poll dealing with issues like this cos it's only bank overdraft charges that are being stayed NOT credit cards, the OFT has already dealt with them by saying £12 is the limit. The this site and MSE can look at what is going on and, as part of consultation in this ongoing case with the OFT etc, they may get the authorities to clarify the issue.
  3. Clearing the streets of undesirables is hard work. Well, it's a new day, so let's be careful out there today guys! And DMD - if I knew how to upload anything i would send to you a neat case of your sneaky vimto!! (if they sold it in cases that is!! )
  4. I've sent all my stuff special delivery and 2 of them have been delivered but NOT signed for. Very annoying really!! It's just recorded delivery from now on as it seem to make not one jot of difference. No wonder the Royal Mail is going up the swanny!!!
  5. I live near Ilkla Moor bar'tat, but currently in the cheap seats!! Can't afford the dress circle! Yep, proud to be a Yorkshire lass - but notwithstanding my financial inadequacies I do prefer a cup of Yorkshire Gold!!! Eh, its grand up North!;-)
  6. Did you send them a CCA request? If so, you would be able to tell from the agreement whether or not you ticked the PPI box.
  7. You gotta just lov'em. I'm still paying even though they have breached but only because i am awaiting a grovelling apology from them after sending me someone else's applocation form. I always thought they passed the one MBNA brain cell around, but from our experiences it looks like they just share it. By the time they have finished they may well all be about as physiologically complicated and intellectually efficient as an amoeba - not that I want to insult them of course!! Good Luck.
  8. DMD - The picture I had of you in my head now stands complete!:grin: Don't you ever dare leave us again.;-) Keep up the good work.
  9. I know its a typhoo kind of joke but you should know how much us Yorkshire folk enjoy our cuppas - that is what I was getting at!
  10. I doubt that is really the right way forward. What was the last correpondence you had with the latest pursuer, when was it and what did it say? I doubt your parents letter affects the timelimit but send a pm to someone like Rory32 or bookworm and they will give you some advice on the best way forward. Good Luck.
  11. spoken like a true yorkshireman/woman.
  12. As a lawyer (not doing this type of work I might add, thats why I'm in trouble!!!), I have always wondered where you would find the pre-litigation department in a company. Is it in the foyer of the litigation department or is it a desk in the farthest corner of a litigation department? I mean, quite seriously, what is a pre-litigation department? Or could it be a "we are making this up so that we sound big and ever so serious and you should be scared" department?!!! Poppycock!!
  13. Why were they writing to your parents? Were they writing to you via them or were they guarantors? You can hold out and wait and see what they do next and see how long it takes them, its up to you.
  14. Send them a CCA request first making them prove the debt. That will stall them for a while - they may even not find it/provide anything other than your application and then they cannot collect - although the debt will still exist but be unenforceable. you must always make sure that if it's a DCA they actually have a right to collect any debt. Letter N in the templates section. Put on the top: "I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY" Enclose a £1 Postal order - do not send a cheque with your sugnature on it. Also, ask for the Deed of Assigment that allows them to pursue any original debt. Any further help, just shout, but there are loads of people going through this at the moment so you will find lots of good advice here.
  15. Oh hark at him!!!:o You clearly rattled his cage!!! Give the girl a medal!!!!
  16. Oh dear, that is sooooooo funny:lol: Thanl God you have not lost your sense of homour.
  17. Good Luck CB - I'm awaiting S.A.R and CCA - they originally sent me someone else's application form!!!:o :o Isn't it a lark dealing with these people?
  18. I think the point of my thread is being misinterpreted!:-| How many people have had had DCA's back off completely and accept defeat because they cannot fulfil THEIR legal obligations? Or have accepted reasonable offers of F&F? I ask this cos I think it assists those in motivating themselves when they feel as if the world on their shoulders and want to give up cos of the stress and fear. Deliberate debt avoidance or actions that may wind up a District Judge and then get you into trouble is not what I was trying to encourage!
  19. I know, it's a bit quiet on that front. I'm geting better at this now, when i first started this thread i did it under a different name cos I forgot my username - GO FIGURE!!! So cazza1968 is no more cos I was originally and still remain lemma1968 - yet another blond moment came upon me. The fact that i spotted it...eventually, is a success I suppose!!:grin: On another note, MBNA sent me someone else's application in response to my CCA request! I call that a success. I sent them the stroppiest of letters in response. I await their response, it gets exciting when things like that happen ( i know, i need to get a life!!!!!! )
  20. Not heard from anyone...at all. Scary really. SRJ are in default (not criminal yet) and my OH has not paid them as a result. They are usually on the phone.....immediately the payment has not been made, but we now have complete silence. It's a tad unnerving. I S.A.R'd them yesterday as well. So MBNA - silence - no CCA produced yet but I'm still paying at the mo. HSBC/MCS - perfect CCA produced. Awaiting S.A.R. NatWest/fredricksons - silence - nothing - No CCA no S.A.R. SRJ - silence - No CCA as yet - stopped paying. I know no news is supposed to be good news....but.....
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