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  1. Lordy. Mine was a current account with an agreed large overdraft to buy a car. Over the years they extended the o/d then it moved from small branch with nice manager to big city centre branch with jobsworth "we have just graduated and don't like you but want to make a good impression on the head office" account managers. They once charged me nearly £700 one month in over limit charges sending me further into the red, then finally converted it to loan with enormous repayments that I could not keep up. I was actually relieved when they sent it to debt management. But again, i am just assuming this is what it is about cos everything else is paid off in full. I much prefer being a child than a grown up.....it's just poohey sometimes. Thanks again chuck.
  2. I have drafted a letter to them along the lines that I have tried contacting them to no avail. In future all their communications with me will have to be via written correspondence, and I reminded them of the OFT guidelines on phone calls and home/work visits etc. I also said they must infrom me in writing who they are and why they are contacting me as I have no idea....cos I don't i am only summising.
  3. Thanks for that. Still a tad anxious about it all....perhaps understandably. I'm worried about the fact that overdrafts are exempt. Mine started as an overdraft then was changed to a loan as it was getting big!!!! I cannot for the life of me remember signing a loan agreement. I suspect they may find an agreement re the o/d from about 1993/94 but not one from when they moved it onto a loan account. I have all my bank statements up to the point they referred it to their inhouse debt recovery dept a few years ago. I then repaid large amounts of it for a few years, then defaulted and now its regarded as a delinquent account. Now i think it may be this that has gone to Fredrickson. Its so nice to see that there are people around who are prepared to help us all out. Thanks SmashedBobo and Rory.;-)
  4. Can i just say that there are a lot of stressed people on this site and bickering really is not helpful to anyone. We all look at these threads to get help and inspiration from others in the same boat, or from those that are giving up their valuable free time to help us all.
  5. I like your way of thinking. I shall write recorded delivery. It is awful having to look over your shoulder and I am the most honest person in the world with a conscience the size of the planet. thanks again, you are a star;-)
  6. My husband rang them yesterday before I found this site, and he could not speak to the guy who rang but someone else did a search on their database and could not find me anywhere so I am a bit confused now. Do I hold off writing to them cos I have no idea what it's about (only a suspicion) or what should I do? I do not want to then to think I am evading them, i have already made that mistake once although not intentionally, but then again I do not want to put them on notice.
  7. :grin: That is the first giggle I have had all day....still worried though.
  8. Just wondering, if its an overdraft that was converted to a loan ( can't remember signing an agreement though i think it was after a meeting with the bank manager) then does the cca stuff still apply? Do overdrafts have special rules? Soz if they seem like daft questions.
  9. I'm trying to be calm. I'm using deep breaths etc but still feel very icky. Believe it or not I am involved in the legal profession but do not do this area of work at all and can deal marvellously with others problems but not my own. I shall have to contact them to get the reference number though won't I? Otherwise they will not know to what I am referring. I cannot have them ringing work cos I will get into sooooooooo much trouble. Cheers.
  10. At the moment I have no reference number cos they just called me at work. They also do not have an address for me cos I emigrated although i work in the same place I did before I left. Do I put that work address on then cos that is where they have located me? And do i say that I shall not discuss it over the phone? Thanks by the way. I'm a quivering wreck.
  11. I am a newbie so please forgive me if i am repeating what many of others have asked. had a phone call at work today from Fredrickson Intl. I do not know what it is about but suspect its about an overdraft that was converted to loan some time ago and that I have been struggling to pay for a couple of years cos we emigrated and then came back and I had a baby etc...... I was not there so they left their name, contact name and 0870 number. My husband rang them back on the mobile. The person who rang was not available and the other person could not find me in their system. I'm very worried cos I have a job that means I cannot go bankrupt etc. I can't pay it back straightaway and I am scared of what they may do. Help and advice is what I need. The original loan was with NatWest. Any ideas folks cos I do not think i shall be able to sleep tonight.
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