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  1. Hi, I am new to the retail section of CAG and I wondered if anyone could help/advise me as I have a problem with B+Q. In April we visited our local store and bought a set of garden furniture. They had 4 of the 5 items in stock and said that they would call us later that week to collect it once it was all in stock. We agreed to this as it meant only one trip with the roof rack. I rang two weeks later to be told that they were still waiting for the missing item and that they would call me on 14 May. I didn't receive the call and considering the weather we were not in an urgent need fo
  2. Hi I wondered whether someone could advise me on my rights. Enterprise are digging up the road outside my house and are denying me access to my drive. This is causing the following problems: 1. I have to get my children out of the car on a busy and fast road and walk them 200 yards to get to my house. I know this may not seem unreasonable but they are aged 3 and 4 and with bags, the dog, coats and currently umberellas it is a bit of a nightmare. 2. I am currently employing a firm of contractors to build an extension to my house at the rear. They are unable to take deliverie
  3. yode

    Yode v Natwest

    Boy o boy, Natwest have not only paid up for my credit card charges today but finally made me an offer for the BIG ONE! Postie just delivered it. The offer for my current account (almost £3k) does not include interest or court fee (£900 = £150) but I am tempted to take it! I read that once you had filled with court their offer is automatically withdrawn - is that true? My 14 days are up on Monday - do you think they will defend or even acknowledge?
  4. Thanks! No form to sign as I have had with other banks - a straight forward cheque and explanation that it is not commercially viable for RBS to go to court. I think as it was for less than £500 they are not bothering to go all the way. I have also noticed other mistakes in their letter: They have given me the wrong gender and they have not realised that I clossed this account 4 years ago! Talk about lack of attention to detail! Yode
  5. Hi Claim: £330 Interest:£120 Court fee: £50 Paid: £500 Today I received a cheque from RBS in respect of my claim for an old natwest credit card. Amazingly they have paid up in full with interest and court costs but they have made the cheque out to my middle name and spelt it wrong to boot! Think I will try to cash it anyway! if they say no...suppose I will have to request another! In the meantime I am not stopping mcol till cash is in bank! Thanks to everyone for advice, just the big one to go now! Yode
  6. Hi quest1 I tried claiming without interest from NWB and started it all 26 April 2007, still have had no reply and so have had no alternative but court - am still waiting for a reply.....you do hear of people getting through the loopholes early on but I think it is very very rare. Welcome and good luck but it is not going to be a fast track...be patient because everyone keeps getting paid in the end!!
  7. Hi Choco I have been reading your thread and just wondered whether you had received a letter from Cobblers saying that they were going to defend or just the acknowledgement with the defend all claim ticked in the box? I am waiting...they ticked the defend all claim box but I have heard nothing since. Thanks
  8. Maybe I have missed the point. Please enlighten me as I am fairly new to all of this. Just to clarify my understanding (which may completely miss your point), the banks are currently allowed to take 'fees' for different 'services' of up to £150 from a persons account. The point is to reduce this to what it actually costs the bank - say £2.50? If the current charges are irrecoverable in their entirety then why are the banks paying up? Like I said, I am open to new information.
  9. Here's a petition, please sign it! http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/bankcharges/B03myqASAcaYCt9f8gBEgDX
  10. Here's an online petition to the government to cap bank charges! Maybe encouraging people to sign it is a start!? To be honest I think it is a good thing for the govenment to be backing (whether they will or not is another matter) as it will hopefully encourage people to manage their money better and also thanks to CAG and MSE people are becomming more empowered to fight back and hopefully reduce the average national debt (caused largely to the individual by the banks). Petition to: Pass a Law on Unfair Bank Charges.
  11. Just brilliant, brilliant. Glad you got your money, wish they would cough up over here!
  12. yode

    Hippo v Egg

    You know much more than me about CI, and I don't think I can be bothered claiming it now that they have offered me the full amount I asked for. I do see your point ablout something to gain tho.... Yode
  13. Hi Jordy Welcome to the world v Natwest forum. Let's hope they don't acknowledge before June 21st/22nd then you get an automatic win! Good luck. Yode
  14. yode

    Yode v Natwest

    Ok, I think I have a problem. I filled mcol June 11th 2007 for my largest natwest claim. What I forgot was that in my frustration, I had that morning wizzed a last email to natwest saying that since I had no response I was giving them one more week....well obviously I didn't. So today June 18th, they replied to my email with: "Thank you for your further email. I confirm that a reply to your claim for a refund of charges was sent to you on 14 June, and you should receive this shortly. I hope you will wait to receive this. However, if you wish to raise court action,
  15. Hi I sent the initial request to the following address: NatWest Customer Relations FREEPOST NAT12685 BOREHAMWOOD WD6 1BR Funnily enough they didn't ask for a cheque and they sent me a printed sheet of all charges within a few days. Good luck! BTW they have not yet offered full ammount and I have filled mcol.....waiting to see what they do next!
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