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  1. Hi again - as my son doesn't have any of his old records from Barclaycard -and incidentally he's never recieved anything from them saying he owed anything or that any alleged debt was being passed on to Aktiv Kapital or Thames or whoever - would it be worthwhile contacting them to ask if they have passed any debt on in my son's name, to whom and when etc? As a by line - I've read on another forum that Thames trawl through credit reference records to look for similar names to a debtor they are chasing and then pursue them - maybe because this incorrect entry from Lowell has suddenly appeared on his Experian record it encouraged them to latch on to him as a supposed 'bad debtor'?
  2. Thanks for the advice - will certainly pass this information on to my son. Sounds as if Thames Credit are prolific in their pursuit of the wrong person (as are Lowell!) - so hopefully this is just such a similar case. Still worried about possible ID fraud though.......
  3. Hi - just joined this as a worried mum and I'm looking for any advice about what to do next. My son checked his Experian record a few months ago and it was fine. a couple of months ago he applied for a joint mortgage and was turned down. Looking at his Experian record again it showed a default (dated 2006) from Lowell Finance. Having never heard of this company he questioned Experian and they said he would have to contact Lowell. He did this and they couldn't find a record of him on their database, said it must be a mistake and they would sort it out. He phoned them again the next week when it was still showing on his record and then they started to get shirty! Said it was for a Capital One debt and that he owed £500+. He's never even been a Capital One customer! To cut a long story short, having contacted relevant debt help lines etc he sent off his CCA request and received a letter back from Lowell giving their profound apologies and saying it had all been a mistake and that he wasn't, in fact, their debtor and they would remove his details from their records and the notice from his credit record. This didn't happen ( and he's still getting letters from Lowell asking for payment!). Trading Standards Office and the Information Commisioner have now taken up the case on his behalf. The problem is that today a letter came for him to my address (he doesn't live here!) from a company called Thames Credit- saying they are acting as collection agents on behalf of Aktiv Kapital who have bought out a Barclaycard debt for 2.5k - doesn't give any dates etc - but refers to an agreement number. Now my son did have a Barclaycard years ago between 98 and 2000 at the latest. It only ever had a £200 limit and there was no balance on it when he stopped using it. He's phoned the Debt Helpline again and they advise to just ignore the letter as they suspect Thames are just fishing. My concerns are these - could it be identity fraud? - there was also an RBS search on his Experian record which he hadn't authorised and they removed it because it had been applied in error. Now these other two things in quick succession. In the meantime is it best to just ignore Thames - particularly as they are sending letters to an address he doesn't live at? Whats my best course of action if they send more letters here - just return them as addressee not known? I'm quite prepared to threaten them with harrassment if they phone here but obviously it is worrying. Would he be better to contact Thames in writing making a CCA request etc in case it is ID fraud? Obviously then they'd have his current address and that's a worry in itself as I know from his experience with Lowell that once they know where you live start the harrassment. Any advice on this latest development would be welcome. Thanks xx:)
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