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  1. Thanks guys, thats a great help. I already have a default registered by them, I will begin the fight! The funny thing is my current mortgage (which is up to date) is with them as well, and I suggested an easy solution would be to tag this on but they refused...they just seem to want to do everything the hard way!
  2. I hope you guys can help. I have an unsecured loan with NR amounting to just a little over £8K. I had a few problems last year which meant i fell behind with payments but always made a small token payment when i could. The loan was only over a short period so monthly payments were about £600. This is now about £3k in arrears and when I called a couple of weeks ago to make a payment they said it had gone legal and i'd have to wait to hear from the legals, and they were going to talk to me about trying to secure the loan on my property. I then got a letter from Eversheds stating that unless the
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