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  1. Thanks for replying smutley. I've saved the draft for me to complete tomorrow and printed off the N244 when i'll have all my info with me! thanks again
  2. Hello folks! My court date is also the 14th - but being an imbecile and not looking at this site i didn't submit any papers for direction of my claim! I phoned the court, they told me not to worry and that the case had been "stayed" and that i didn't have to submit anything. Also stated that a letter would be sent out confirming the stay - no letter as of yesterday, haven't checked the mail at home today, as i'm in work. Now after reading this site it looks like i might have to attend on the 14th, is this the case? Also what would i need to take with me to the hearing? Please bear in mind i'm an idiot and that you'll have to say it in plain english! All help is welcome and i'll even offer up a cyber beer!
  3. Thanks for the info, just noticed that if i'd had scrolled down to the bottom i wouldn't have needed to post at all. Thanks again, guess it's just a waiting game for the court to be in touch. I'll finish off my bundles, with help from this site and all you great posters! Thanks again!
  4. Hi all, This is my first post! I filed my case with MCOL, Barclays have defended the claim, it has been transferred to my local court but and i quote "the filing of an AQ be dispensed with in this case unless the District Judge at the court of transfer orders otherwise" ! Can anybody tell me if this is normal? Should i appeal against the decision? Help! Please bear in mind that the wife didn't pass this along for a week and after trying to find info on it, this is the last day i can appeal against this decision. Any advice would be apppreciated! Thanks boredom aka Peter
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