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  1. gdm

    Please Help!

    Followed up with another call and found out that Abbey had my £30 + £20 as being for one transaction, so they should have been removed together. That means all charges should hae been previously removed, however it has now been done out of "good will". Thanks again for the advice. G
  2. gdm

    Please Help!

    Hi thanks for the advice. Phoned this morning had me on hold for ages. Eventually spoke to someone and they have removed the £30 charge and have said this is a "one-off" and any further charges will have to be paid. So I have to find the £20, which I will hopefully do. I can see what they are trying to do. If I cant pay this then next month it will be £70 and then £120 and so on. Get 'em while their young. Anyway, thanks for the help and good luck with your own. G
  3. gdm

    Please Help!

    Hi PPMAN. Thank you very much for your response, is there anything that I should be sure to mention to convince them to refund. The charge is scheduled for 24th June so is this a refund? Thaks again.
  4. gdm

    Please Help!

    Hello all. Maybe this is too small a problem compared to others, but any advice would be appreciated as I am young and very concerned. I have just opened my statement for the month, this states that due to my account being overdrawn by -£4.28 they will charge me : 1. £20.00 for being overdrawn and 2. £30.00 because they paid the £5.00! I intended to make a purchase of £1.50 which I had in my account at the time. I dont understand why this transaction took place if the funds were not there I have never been in a negative balance before, how can they charge me £50 for this! I am worried because I cannot pay this, I operate on an extremely tight budget and I hardly have £50 go into my account. I would really appreciate some advice, because I really have no idea why this has happened. Thanks for your time.
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