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  1. A number of people at the hearing had the application to remove stay from the CAG, they basically said we,ve seen them and the stay will remain.
  2. Hi all, just to let everyone know the hearing took place today at Liverpool family court 46 cases heard at 2pm were stayed until March 31st 2008. Such a disappointment after all the effort to get this far and a matter of weeks would have seen a settlement. Good luck to all with pending hearings :(
  3. Hi Saintly, thanks for the information provided it's been really helpful. I am unsure of the outcome of cases in our local court to date, since the recent changes. So I dont know if the delay in a decision is good news or not. Can't help feeling completely disheartened by the whole situation, just as we were getting so close to a result. Thanks once again for the information dfbankclaimer
  4. Hi All, I have a hearing on Wednesday 15th August 2007 at 2pm. The court was making a decision today regarding how they are going to deal with the current cases pending and requests for Stay made by Barclays, unfortunately the decision has now been postponed to Friday 17th August 2007. Has anyone any idea what might happen to those cases heard before Friday as we don't know whether it's good or bad news. Barclays have not been asked for anything further than the defence made at MCOL and we are facing the usual from Barclays, "we haven't received any information from you." Even though I've posted them twice and also emailed them to Sharon Daboul and Paul Haut. In light of the varying possibilities we may face, can anyone give us any advice as to what we should say, if they hear the case or if they adhere to the request for stay. Starting to get quite confused in the preparation for this any help woul be gratefully accepted Thanks in advance dfbankclaimer
  5. Hi, The court letter says it's a notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing).Which should take no longer than 10 minutes and is listed with other similar cases. Does all this mean this claim is now on hold until the test case is complete? thanks dfbankclaimer
  6. Hi All, I've got a hearing date 15th August 2007 (unable to say what type of hearing) and I was wondering what is likely to happen. Is Barclays likely to stay at this point? I have not received any documentation from Barclays other than their defence at MCOL stage. Are they likely to pay out now? This is such a dissappointment as we seemed to be getting so close to a settlement. Any advice gratefully received dfbankclaimer
  7. Please help!!! We have a court date 15/08/07 we've contacted Barcalays and said we'll be away from 06/08/07 - 15/08/07. Sharon Daboul has been dealing with the claim but is on holiday and Paul Haut has taken over. We've spoken to him today and he has said a representative will be attending court. Does this mean we wont be paid out, our holiday is now cancelled as aresult as the money was paying for it. Please help and advise.
  8. Hi all, Sharon Daboul is dealing with my claim and I haven't seen much information about her. Does anyone have any information about her, Thanks for all help dfbankclaimer
  9. Hi all, has anyone had any dealings with Sharon Daboul, she does reply to emails but I never feel there's any information given. Does anyone have any ideas how close to the court date she leaves things to and is she likely to settle? Thanks for any advice given.
  10. Thanks MOEB for the advice I was just about rady to post it all so I'll take the most recent charges off, although I have emailed Sharon Daboul the total charges list and that for settlement I am willing to forgo the additional charges.(This money will enable us to go on holiday) and we've taken annual leave 06/08/07. So we're sailing a bit or VERY close to the wind! Thanks for alll your help dfbankclaimer
  11. I have sent a Statement of Charges which is £600 over the original claim on MCOL, however, I have asked Barclays to settle at the original claim. As the other costs were incurred from original date of requesting money back. My early letters to Barclays the amount changed monthly. I did not send an SOC to MCOL just wrte the amount on te claim divided into charges and interest. It's not dihonesty it's just showing the shear amount that's being taken monthly. You've got me worried now.
  12. Hi All, I've got a court date 15/08/07 for small claim track and the allocation questionnaire has been dispensed with. The court have said just to send SOC and Tand C's, when asked about a court bundle they said "send one if you want." I have got together the: SOC, Copy of Statements, T and C's, Letters to and from Braclays, A schedule of dates of all calls, emails etc Court Bundle. I will send one to the court and one to the Sharon Daboul at the litigation team. Do you think this will be enough? I've only got until 11/07/07 to get it in, Thanks for past AND present advice it has all truly helped dfbankclaimer:confused:
  13. Hi Trucker, The letter says judge has allocated the claim to the small claims track. The claimant do within 12 days of date of this order serve a schedule setting out the amount of the individual charges, the dates they were applied to the account and the reason given for such charges. The matter has been listed with a number of other similar cases and should take no longer than 10 minutes. We rang the court yesterday and they said we should send in the SOC and the T and C's, we asked should we send a Court Bundle, they said "if you want to." What do you think about no court bundle, if I send one should I send it directly to the litigation team?
  14. Thanks for reply Trucker, I emailed Sharon Daboul the SOC yesterday. We contacted the court today, they have dipensed with the questionnaire and have said we need to send in the SOC and the terms and conditions. We asked about the court bundle they said you can if you want. What do you get from this. I've got 2003 Tand C's from CAG, what would you do, would you send a bundle in. Also if you do think I should send a bundle should I send the whole lot together? Is it considered ok to email this stuff to Barclays or should I post it. The letter took 10 days from the court to arrive so it's all got to be in by the 11/07/07 for a court date of 15/08/07. Just a couple of questions to keep you going! Thanks dfbankclaimer
  15. Hi Trucker again, sorry to keep bugging you, I've transferred SOC onto a word document the money matters calsulator at the time would not let me save to anything so i had just printed off two copies at the time of sending one for me and one for the bank. Should I just attach them to a cover letter to Sharon Daaboul, also any info about her etc, can't find alot about her on "litigation team good or evil" Thanks Trucker I owe you one
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