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  1. Hello, i received a PCN for 'Parked in a residents' or shared use parking place or zone displaying an invalid permit, an invalid voucher or an invalid pay & display ticket' - Contravention Code: 19. However i have to issues with the PCN: 1. I had displayed a Resident's Visitor Parking Permit with the correct details, clearly displayed on my dashboard. 2. The PCN is not signed. So i am not sure why the parking officer has left me a ticket , i have written to to them to appeal the ticket for the above reasons. But i was just wondering if anybody on here knew my my reason above are valid ones to appeal against the ticket. Especially the PCN not being signed, i seem to remember reading about that previously on here, that if a PCN is not signed then its not valid, is that correct? Anyway, any help or advise will be much appreciated, thank you in advance.
  2. Hello, im just wondering if it is possible to challenge the PCN on the basis that the PCN is not signed. Looking at the scans it is clear, that the parking officer has not signed the ticket, so could he not appeal/challenge on that basis?
  3. Hello, recently (little stupidly i know) i parked in a disabled person's parking place on my road (the spot outside a rented house and isn't used). Well the car was parked there overnight and was towed away the next day. I have since been to release the car and have paid a £200 release fee as well a £50 parking ticket for the day it was towed away 18/07/07. However when i went to release the car having paid the £250.00, i was given another ticket by the staff that they said was on the car from the previous day the 17/07/07. The ticket is totally mangled, ripped and the writing/print barely visible. Now basically what i am wondering is, if the car had received a PCN on the 17/07/07, can the car then still receive another PCN on 18/07/07 when one PCN is already placed there? I am thinking of appealing the second ticket, however wanted to get some advise whether i have a chance of winning. The issue definitely seem unfair though, as if they are correct to leave to PCN for one offence by different parking attendants then that would mean that if 100 parking attendants walked my car that day, even though the car has already been ticketed, they would be allowed to ticket the car. How on earth can that be fair or even slightly reasonable!! Any help would be much appreciated and much needed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello renhoicuk, i am currently in a similar position with another online mobile phone company and would be extremely grateful for any help, advise or templates that you may have. Please could you contact me via the CAG mailbox, so that i may get some more details, thank you in advance.
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